Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Morning So Far

OK i know that sounds great right. Its only 9am here and i have already had a rather exciting if not aggravating morning. Lets start from the beginning.

At 5am i woke up to Phabian kicking me in my back. At some point during the night (and this is every night) Phabian crawled in the bed with me and my husband got up and went to sleep on the couch. Then i woke up at 6am with one kid on each side of me leaving me a small space in the middle of the bed to try and sleep for the remainder of what should have been 2 hours (since my kids normally get up about 8 when they are in bed with me and hubby is at work). This plan must have not been in the stars. At 6:45am i hear Phabian screaming and crying and i hear my husband lay him back down in our room with our peacefully sleeping (MJ) son. Phabian proceeds to cry for the next 15 mins (all because he wanted some milk and daddy wouldn't get up to get him some even though he would have went right back to sleep if he would have just given him the milk)(not to mention hubby had to be at work at 8 anyways so he needed to get up). So i fly out of bed after it finally wakes me and MJ up and get them both some milk. I was pissed. He could have just got his lazy ass up and fixed the milk. Phabian would have crawled back in bed with me and MJ and went right back to sleep til 8 or so. Needless to say in my cranky half asleep manor i yelled at my husband. I instantly felt bad not because i yelled at him but because the kids saw me yell at him so i went an apologized so the kids would see the right thing to do.

So as if that wasn't bad enough this was the rest of my morning:

Phabian: Mommy i have to poop!

Me: Well then go to the bathroom baby.

Phabian: I can't the door is locked!

Me: No it's not Phabian it is just stuck, pull harder. (sometimes our door gets stuck at the top)

Phabian: No mommy it's locked.

So i proceed to go over and try and turn the knob. Sure enough he had locked it from the inside and then shut the door behind him when he came out this morning. So this is what it looked like.
Not fun to do at 8:30 in the morning when you were already mad.
On top of it all MJ is in a mood this morning. I took the sheets off of their beds (which they only sleep in for a matter of maybe 6 hrs a night before they are in bed with us) to wash them and MJ threw a fit. He screamed, cried, and threw himself on the bed. When i tried to calm him down he backed into the corner and told me to get away. I then saw a beautiful opportunity to Photography his mood which on camera looks kinda sad but he really was mad.

I just wanna go back to bed...hopefully nap time will come early today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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