Sunday, September 14, 2008

Questions For The Mommies

Ok so no pictures to share today...well at least not yet lol. I have a question for all my mommies who have kids in school.

Yesterday we went to pick up Phabian from school and his teacher was telling us how smart and wonderful a student he is. She said that he can trace his name perfectly (that is one of the things they practice everyday), he catches on quick to the songs and games, and that he is very patient and well minded. At this point she must have noticed me looking at her with this stunned look on my face because the child she just described sounded, to me, nothing like the child i see at home.

Patient is not a word i use to describe my energetic little boy. He, for that matter, has always had his mommy's personality of now now now. He usually lives in the moment and never thinks past what he is doing that second.

Now i will not argue that he is smart. We noticed from an early age that he was very quick to learn. He tends to catch on to things very quick when he wants to learn them. I was so proud to have someone else notice my child's intelligence.

He can trace his name and most of his letters???? Are you serious?????? They sent home a practice sheet last week for their letter of the week "Ee". We tried for hours to get him to trace them like they do at school and he would refuse. When he would "trace" it he would just scribble on top of it not even trying to actually trace it.

I am in no way saying that my kid is a mean, impatient, brat but he does have his days. He is very hard headed and tends to like to do what he wants to do and you either can fight him or you can just go with it. I was just kind of stunned.

So here is my question for the mommies....Does this sound anything like you kids? Are they one kid at school and another at home? Did i miss some mommy memo that says your kid will be prefect for teachers and a hellion for you? He doesn't share much of his days with us. He tells us he played and ever so often we get a story about what they did that day. I know i have a lot of my ladies that have just put their kids in school this year so i am looking for some insight here. How do you kids behave at school compared to home?

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Christina said...

YES! I have the same thing going on here. Nadia challenges everything I day - for anyone else she is a perfect angel. Very frustrating!