Friday, August 29, 2008

School Bound Boy

Well it is official. Phabian is a school student in a head start program. I am so very confused about how i should feel about this. On one hand my baby is all grown up and starting school. On the other hand i am so very excited for him to have this experience.

Phabian will start his first day of school on Tuesday, September 2, 2008. He will attend the morning session from 8am to 11:30am. We had a meeting this morning with the program coordinator and we also got to meet his teachers Ms. Angie and Ms. Kim. It all seems very nice. As i was finishing doing my paper work i could hear then saying the Pledge of Allegiance and singing along to a stretching song. They sounded so happy and excited. I hope Phabian has just as much fun as those kids.

I have faint memories of my first day of Kindergarten (as i did not attend any type of pre-k). I remember walking in holding my mom's hand. I was not a shy kid but meeting all of these people for the first time was very shocking for me. My mom was a stay at home mom starting when i was about 4. I always went to work with my mom before that. She was a social worker for a assisted living home. I never knew anything but the world she had created for me. I remember how the class was set up. It was split off into 5 sections. There was the sink, bathroom, and backpack holder in the front of the room. On the right behind that was the chalk board on the left was the computer area. Behind that on the right was a story telling space and on the left of that was the play area. There was a kitchen and lots of blocks, magnets, and books. By the play part of the room there was a big green door that led to the outdoor playground in front of the school. There were two doors other than that in the class room. One led into the hallway and the other into the first grade class room. All the class rooms were connected by a thin wall and a wooden door. It was a small school but very close knit. My teachers name was Mrs. Winefordner. She to this day is still my favorite teacher i ever had. I can only hope Phabian enjoys this as much as i did as a kid.

The only thing we pay for is lunches which are based on your income so we shouldn't pay much if anything. Because it is part of the Kanawha County School System it is considered public free education. It is the best thing ever that my boy can start school and be ahead of his class all because they offer this great free program. I just know that it will be wonderful. As long as i keep telling myself its only 5 days a week 3 1/2 hours a day. It will all be ok.

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Christina said...

I am thrilled for you an Phabian. :o) It will be great for him!

I remember my first day of kindergarten in great detail, too. I remember sitting in a red chair, and coloring a picture of the Smurfs. :o)