Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random Day

Today is just one of those days where you don't wanna get out of bed. I don't really feel very good today. My throat is sore and my head is pounding. I cant seem to keep my eyes open. I feel so tired and just plain drained. On top of that i really have to get some stuff done today. I have to go to Phabian's Pedi office and sign release forms so i can get copies of his Immunization records and his most recent Physical. Marcus just went and payed our sewer bill, and i still haven't managed to get my house cleaned.

Maybe my body has been telling me for the past 2 days to slow down. I haven't cleaned my house like i needed to even though i planned on doing so for the past 2 days. I just have felt blah and maybe it was this sickness coming on. I hate when i feel like this because it interferes with me doing what i need to do. My mind wonders and i cant seem to focus on anything. Grrrr it just aggravates me.

On to more pleasant things. I dabbled in Photography all summer. I am by far not the most brilliant photographer that's for sure. i cant photograph anything that is moving. I don't have the right camera or the steady and quick reflexes. But i guess i do a decent job with still photography (i think that's what its called but I'm not sure). I love to photograph flowers, food, and anything that will hold still for a few mins. I recently got a few good shots of a praying mantis. I will share a few.

I know they aren't great but for using a regular digi camera and my lack of skill i think they are great. I always loved the beauty of nature. I don't like bugs and i was pretty far away when i took these pictures but it all turned out ok since the zoom on my camera works pretty well. The flowers at the top are also a picture that i took and altered the color to a more pale look with the programs that came with my computer (which are just basic and not very good). I wish i could work Photoshop but i never could figure it out lol.

I try to take pictures of the kids and here are some of my best artistic shots of them.

One again not great but the best i can do with the camera and programs i have. I really wish i head a better camera and knew how to work a better program but maybe one day i will. As for now i will be satisfied with what i have. Phabian is my big camera hog. MJ is just not interested in the camera which sometimes yields the better pictures as i can get him in more intimate moments. Phabian always wants to be right in the camera which means i have a lot of face shots and not a lot of personal time shots of him just doing something. With time i will get better though and you learn a lesson from every shot you take i guess.

So i am going to go and try to get on with my day. Pedi's office gets back from lunch at 1 so we will leave then to get the papers and what not. I hope i feel better as the day goes on. Excuse my rambling and off topicness.

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Christina said...

It's the same kind of day here...I have no motivation. Unfortunately, I have a pile of work beside me that must be done. Sigh. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better tomorrow.

I love the praying mantis pictures! I am the opposite of you - I can take good people pictures, but can't photograph anything else well at all.