Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just Some Thoughts

I am very sick today. Worse than yesterday. It is kind of like riding a roller coaster. On minute I'm up and feeling ok and then i am back down with a fever and in pain. I hate it. I would love a big bowl of home made chicken noodle soup. I would make some myself but i just don't have the energy and i don't have any canned. Not that its as good as home made but it would do the job. I tried to fix some chicken flavored Ramen noodles but it just wasn't the same ya know.

Marcus has worked evenings the last 2 nights and it has killed me. Why now am i sick when he has had to work evening shifts. The kids are so much worse in the evening than they are in the mornings. Especially like today when they didn't take a nap. But the good part is that it is 8:18pm and they are passed out lol.

I myself got up in horrendous pain at 9 am. Then i went back to bed at 11:30 and slept til 3:30pm. Hubby woke me up before he left for work since the kids weren't asleep. We had noodles and chicken sandwiches for dinner cause that's all the energy i had to fix.

Well that is all for today. My kiddos are asleep so i am going to take a hot shower and then go to bed. I am so tired. You know the sick tired where you cant keep your eyes open much less do anything with a purpose lol. I am lucky i got this blog out in a way anyone can understand it.

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Christina said...

:o( I hope you feel better tomorrow...I'm sending some virtual chicken soup your way!