Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Rest of My Day

Ok so i already told you all how well my morning went now let me tell you how the well the rest of my day has gone. A friend of mine called and wanted to know if i wanted to go to lunch with her and a few friends. I said let me see if i can afford it. Hubby and me added all things up and decided it was managable. So we went out to lunch to Famous Daves. Now for anyone who does not know what FD's is it's one of the best BBQ places on earth. So i got to go out to lunch with kids...and have adult conversation...that was the greatest thing ever lol.

When we were leaving the restaurant they ask if i wanted to ride to Value City with them and i was like sure. I dont have any money to spend but it keeps me out for a bit and i needed the break so yea. Mary (one of the girls who was with us and a very close friend) ended up buying Phabian a new pair of shoes and 2 jackets for school and bought MJ a pair of Croc type shoes. Here are some pictures.

Phabian was so happy he couldnt stand it. He kept saying, "Look Mommy, look school clothes,". It then caused a huge problem when i told him he had to take them off so we could put them up til school starts but hey atleast he loves them.

So i got a huge break today and it was great. I havent had to yell at anyone, discipline anyone, or be bad mommy at all today. Just another adult in a restaurant with the rest of them. How gret is that?

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Christina said...

What an amazing afternoon...that much good times all in one day should help you get through a whole crop of bad times!