Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Much For That

So i guess i am just being whiny today or something. Apparently i just like to bitch, or maybe its just the fact that i am weird. I have not been a happy camper today. I had stuff i needed to get done today.

Ok let me try to make sense here. Marcus is off today and we had some stuff to get done on top if just needing to have a fun family day. Has that happened...uh...well...maybe...NO!

He got up this morning and was suppose to wake me up so he could go renew our car insurance and get the car inspected. Instead he waited til i got up which just so happened to be 8:30 when i heard Chelsie call. So left and Got back around 12:30. That already put us about an hour behind schedule. I wanted to get all the important stuff out of the way so that we could have a fun afternoon. When he got home his dad called and ask if he could take his sister to the Connect office in Chelyan (which is about a 45 mins drive there, probably a 2 hour wait and then 45 mins back). So he said yes of course instead of saying I'm sorry i have stuff i need to get done. So he left at about 1:50 and he is just now coming through the door.

I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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