Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shower Cake Help

Hey everyone i need your ideas and opinions! I just got an order for a baby shower cake. The only thing they gave me was that it is a girl and they want a plain yellow sheet cake with fondant. I have a few good ideas but wanted to get a few opinions from my girls (or guys) on what you like.

Idea #1:
White fondant covered with silver pearl dust for extra sparkle. A pink ribbon around the bottom and made to look like a ribbon on a package (kinda like a christmas present???). In stead of a bow i want to do a big flower as the bow and then lots of little flowers on the rest of the cake. The ribbon and the writting (It's A Girl) would be in pink and the flowers would be in teal.

Idea #2:
White fondant to cover. In big pink letters across the top It's A Girl. Also dusted with pearl dust for sparkle. In the center a bottle, rattle, and binkie done in pink. On the design i had brown polka dots on the pink "plastic" part but it seems like that would be a lot of added work and i am already going to be in a bit of a rush.

Those are my 2 best ideas. I had also thought about doing a stroller on the center or something of that nature. i have no clue what they are doing in the nursery and i dont know much about the girl other than she is a lawyer and very (and this is the way her friends put it) plain jane/goody goody.

So give me some idea's here! What did your shower cakes look like? If you have a picture share the link with me! Girl me what you think you would like or any other ideas that come to mind. I have til Thursday to come up with a final draft. HELP!!!


Brittany said...

Oh man they both sound so adorable. To make yourself not have to work as much I would go with idea number 1 since they didnt really give you any ideas ! But, I would be happy with either! I wish you were here to do my cake !!!!!!

Tracye said...

I've only done one for a baby shower, and this is it:

I like both of your ideas, though.

Good luck!

I'll be digging around on here looking for pics of cakes!

I was at a cake show in Austin Saturday and Sunday... and WON! First place, and Best of Division! I'm still shocked.