Friday, February 13, 2009

All My New Stuff

So i promised i would share all my new stuff that i have been talking (bragging) about here lately. We spent a good deal of money out of our income taxes this year buying things we needed but we also bought a few things that we wanted. If i am boring you with my chitter chatter of new things i am sorry but who doesn't love to shop for new stuff and share their finds!

Lets start with my Flip Video Camera!

This is possibly one of the coolest things i have ever bought! I love the fact that it charges by being plugged into your USB drive and that the USB plug just pops out of the camera with the push of a button. It is light and sleek. It comes with built in software which allows you to upload the videos to you computer and the edit them. You can also steal snapshots out of any video. Do you know how many times i have taken a video only to realize i caught the best moment that should have been a picture but its too late now. I also love the fact that there arent a million buttons i have to fiddle with. There are 8 buttons total! The play/pause, zoom in, zoom out, left, right, trash, record, and power buttons. I can take up to 60 mins of video and can always load it to any computer near by. I think i am in love!

Moving on to my new phone (can you tell i love my gadgets). I got a brand spankin new LG Spyder which kinda looks like this minus the silver buttons at the bottom.

Favorite thing (or coolest not sure yet) if that it is a touch screen! I dotn even have to open the phone for anything! I can just touch the screen and accomplish any task i want. Another cool feature is i can play music while i work on the phone. If i am sending texts, updating twitter, browsing the web, i can be jamin to my favorite songs while i do it. It also has a great camera as far as phone cameras go. It takes a pretty decent picture and video although i am not big on using it unless i am in a situation and i dont have a real camera. The only down fall is that it has an ascending ringer. For the first 5 - 8 seconds that it rings it is so low you cant hear it. By the time you hear it, it is almost done ringing. But i can deal with that as long as the rest of the cool features work!

I will share my bed and the kids beds later. Also more about the Wii Fit as soon as i find the time. It would all be in one post (minus the Wii Fit) but i bought a new memory card that is apparently not compatible with my computer so i now have to wait for a USB cord i just ordered to be delivered.


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

OOOh nice! :) I have a FLIP and LOVE it! And we just got the Wii Fit too, gonna be posting more on that soon, too :) Let's rock that thing together! ;)

Brittany said...

I am jealous that camera is by far the coolest!!! How much was it if you dont mind me asking I need something to capture special moments with Kaci when she is born.

Casual Friday Everyday said...

I love my flip. I'm hooked on it!

The phone looks so cool. I need a new fun phone.