Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Steelers WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

Ok so as previously stated in other posts i am a HUGE football fan. So just like millions of other Americans, February 1st is a day when we all enjoy good food, good friends, and GREAT football.

Today we wont be having a party or at least not to my knowledge but friends are always welcome! We will however be cooking on the grill and enjoying what should be a great game! My husband went to the store last night and bought 2 slabs of ribs which makes me think that maybe we are expecting company that i don't know about. He bough stuff to make his yummy spicy peach BBQ sauce. We have charcoal and a grill. Today is going to be rockin!

The weather has let up and the sun is shinning. It is going to be about mid 50's today which makes for perfect grilling weather (and football weather also). I will probably make some collard greens, mac-n-cheese, and salad to accompany the ribs. We will have my buffalo chicken dip, Maggie's Salsa, and Maggie's Queso for snacks. Only thing left to get is some beer for hubby and some soda for me! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do i sound excited? I really am!!! My Pittsburgh Steelers are facing off against the Arizona Cardinals!!!!!!! Now i have every bit of faith that my #1 ranked defense (including my lovely Troy Polamalu) can hold off the Cardinals offense! Where i get a little shakey is my faith in Big Ben! I love the guy but he hasnt had the best season. We are ranked 17th (206.3 Avg) in passing yards where as the Caridinals are ranked 2nd (292.1 Avg). We crush them though with out rushing years on average getting 105.6 to their 73.6. It should be an interesting game.

I really was hoping to see Eagles vs Steelers to have a Pennsylvania showdown of sorts but apparently Donovan McNabb lost his mind in the last playoff game of the season (or you could say his catch up game, which usually works for him, failed at the last minute). What worries me even more is the fact that Arizona is the underdog! We all know the underdog is powerful! When you have nothing to lose you just go out there and play ball!

I like to compare it to the WVU Fiesta Bowl Game in 2008 where they whooped Oklahoma. No one though WVU had a chance in that game and we turned that in our favor. We came out and played like nobody's business. It is fun to play ball when you dont have anything to lose, and Arizona doesn't.

So like many others today i will be picking my side (Go Steelers!!!) and parking it in front of the TV to cheer them on! The last game of the season and i am going to enjoy it! Then i will do what i always do and paitently wait till next season rolls around so i can pray that my Raiders may make a comeback and if they dont i can cheer on the Steelers who will hopefully be the reigning Super Bowl XLIII Champs!!!!!!!!

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My Happy Family said...

Ooooh... Buffalo chicken dip sounds so good!!!

If you decide to share the recipe one day, that would be awesome! :) Have a fun day!