Monday, February 23, 2009

House of the 3 Sickos

Well once again we are all sick! I mean snotty nose, watery eyes, coughing till your blue in the face sick! The only one who escaped this miserable state of existence is my husband! For some reason no matter how sick the rest of us are he NEVER gets it!

I ask him yesterday as i laid paralyzed with the sniffles our couch how the heck this works. Does he have some kind of magic elixir that he takes when we all get sick that keeps his immune to it? I am a little bitter about this! No really i am BITTER!

The only thing i hate more than puking is my nose running. I dont know if this is allergies or a cold but ever time i think my nose is going to stop, my eyes start to water, my nose gets the twitchy feeling and i sneeze. This intern makes my nose run some more! It is a horrible cycle that makes me miserable.

The kids are just as bad. Both of them have snot running down their faces and the difference is they dont care. They will wipe it off with their arm and go on about their business. I wish i could be that care free. Alas i am not. So i wipe, and i blow, and i wipe some more till my poor nose is sore and raw. Then i put some Aquaphor on it to protect it but five seconds later i just wipe it off again!

I hate being sick and having allergies!!!!!

So please excuse me while i heal and wait on my kiddos to heal!

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Brittany said...

My husband is the same freaking way!!! I have had the stomach flu 5 times in the past year and my mom has gotten it everytime but somehow my husband has this amazing immune system and he hasnt gotten it once nor did he get bronchitis over december when mom and I got it as well. He is so lucky.
On another note I have a cold too :( So I am miserable with you dear !