Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

So today is the day of lovers. I don't know about you all but i have never been big on today. I mean as a teen it was used as an excuse to have alone time with the "love of my life", but Valentine's Day has never been particularly special to me. I mean what does it actually mean anyways?!?

Valentine's Day was originally a Pagan Festival. Then, as most Pagan festivals were in those days, the Christians took it over and named it after martyrs Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni. I guess there was also a 3rd guy but no one really know much about him except that he was apparently in Africa so who cares right. Now both these guys were way back in the years AD 200 and something right! Well romance and candy and flowers weren't even linked to this holiday till the 14th century. That was when Saint Valentine apparently came into the picture and got all lovey dovey.

Now here is my problem with Valentine's Day! I think we as a people have better things to spend our money on than roses, candy, and cards. I know i sure have bills to pay and things to get fixed or taken care of, no? To me, i guess, we should celebrate love everyday. It doesn't need a special day where we stop everything we are doing to run around like chickens with out heads cut off, and buy expensive presents. That's what we have birthdays for! We get presents on our birthdays! We get to feel special on our birthdays!

Now i am not saying i don't participate in Valentine's Day. More than likely tonight my husband will walk through the door with some roses and a card or maybe even a box of yummy chocolates. I will be thankful and repay him for his effort later *wink wink*. What i am saying is that it isn't necessary. If my husband bought me nothing at all it would be ok. There are so many other days where he shows me how much he loves me and it doesn't need to be emphasized on this specific day.

There are a lot of holidays i feel this way about. Mother's Day and Father's Day are among them! Shouldn't we be honoring mothers and fathers who are doing a wonderful job everyday? Why do we need to insinuate that this is the day out of the year where they should get a thank you and a card. We should praise these important people everyday because they are raising our future.

Thanksgiving is another one! Now i do understand that Thanksgiving is more of a holiday rather than a playful day of celebration but shouldn't we be thankful everyday? Why is there one specific day where we are all about thanking God for all our blessings. Shouldn't you thank him everyday for what he has blessed us with? I know i do!

Now i am not saying, just to repeat myself here, that i don't participate in these holidays because i do! I enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner just as much as anyone! I also love to be treated special on Mother's Day! I just somehow wish that things weren't so cut and divided. We celebrate this today and not tomorrow! Why can't, no scratch that, why shouldn't everyday be Mother's and Father's Day? Why cant we show each other how much we care everyday! Why do we need to spend massive amounts of money to feel or be made to feel like we matter?

Maybe it isn't the holidays i have a problem with as much as i do the money being spent to make someone feel special. i don't like the idea of buying someones love for the day. I don't need a new purse or a rose to know that my husband loves me. yes it is a great gesture but i don't need it. He makes me feel special almost everyday.

Anyways i am done ranting and if you hung in here til now then thanks if not oh well. Happy Valentine's Day to you all and i hope you get what you want today!

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