Sunday, February 8, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So we got our income taxes back on Friday and have been going non stop since. We had a list of things that we needed to buy and what not when we got out taxes and we have spent all weekend getting them.

We got a queen size memory foam mattress and box set for $499.99 and a new headboard set for $199.99. We also got a beautiful bedding set fro Wal-mart for $69.99. So we essentially redid out whole bedroom for less than $1000.00!!! How awesome (or cheap) am I!?!

We are also redoing the kids bedroom. We got those colorful foam connector tiles for the floor which cost about $20.00 for a 4x4 square. Phabian loves them because they have them at school. He says they are fun to play on. We also bought them bunk beds which we will leave separated till they get a little older. Right now i am still to scared that Phabian would pull a stunt like the kid off Big Mama's House 2 and head dive off the top bunk. Those only cost us about $200. Of course they got new bedding sets as well. Phabian got Super Hero and MJ got (can anyone guess) drum roll please............................................Cars! Those cost about $60 total.

We also got some random stuff like my Wii Fit, some new games for the Wii, my new Flip Camcorder, and a new bigger memory card for my digital camera. Also my birthday is tomorrow so i have a lot of plans on a relaxing me day.

My sister's birthday is on V-day so we always celebrate together. Tomorrow we are getting up early to go to the gym, then we are going for Mani/Pedi's and lunch. We were hoping to go get a massage as well but it looks as if we might have to put that off for another day. Tuesday my hubby (because he is the greatest man alive) has made plans for my sister and I. All i know is he is taking us to dinner at my favorite restaurant Hibachi's. Other than that i have no clue what he has up his sleeve.

I am still fighting Bronchitis which sucks big time! Luckily it isn't as bad as it was this time last year when i thought i was going to die! I just have all this junk in my chest and nothing will help but coughing the crap up (sorry for TMI).

The kids are doing great (if you count great as acting wild and stomping my last nerve). They attended a B-day party at Chucky Cheese last night and had a blast. All i can say is the next time i attend a party there on a Saturday night i will bring a volume and some tranquilizers. I need anxiety meds just to walk through the door of that place (which i don't have any meds so i was a wreck the whole time). Cross Chucky Cheese off the list of places that i might have the kid's birthday parties this year!

Other than that we are coming up on a busy few weeks at work and i am so looking forward to both the paychecks and the time away to myself. I enjoy my time at work socializing with other adults about adult stuff.

To anyone who made it this far thanks for sticking with it! I am sorry i am so boring today but i just have not been feeling well so nothing interesting has happened. I will be trying to post a review for the Wii games we got the other day and possible for my Wii Fit and Flip Camcorder as soon as i get some time. Hope all are doing well.

P.S. Please keep my friend Danielle and her newborn baby Mallory in your prayers. Mallory has been admitted to the hospital with RSV. They need your prayers. Mallory is only 3 weeks old and needs as much sweet thoughts as she can get.


Brittany said...

I will be praying for your friend and her baby girl...that cannot be fun :(.
On a side note I wish that I got as much back on my taxes as ya'll did lol. We need a new bed so bad ours is falling apart. I'm sorry your sick...I had bronchitis the whole month of december and it SUCKED !

Shirliana said...

You sure did a lot! It sounds like so much fun. You need to take some pics though and share all your good news - when you feel better of course.

As for the WII Fit - you have to post about that too. I'm dying to hear all about it cuz I was thinking of buying one too.

Sorry to hear that you're feeling sick. Hot tea with honey and Lipton Chicken Soup with egg drop. Seriously - takes 5 minutes and feels great on the throat.

Will send a prayer for your friend too. :)

Happy Birthday too!