Monday, February 2, 2009

How To Advice Needed/Not Me Monday

Hey all i hope you are having a wonderful Monday! As you can see from the title this blog will contain 2 things this time around. I will be getting to Not Me Monday in a minute but first i need some how to advice.

This is actually my 150th post and i am quickly approaching 200. For my 200th post i would really like to do a giveaway but i am at a loss as to how to do it. I know the basics like write a post and use a random number generator to pick a winner but other than that i just don't know. What should i give away? What would you be interested in receiving? I cant do anything extravagant or really expensive but i need some suggestions here.

Also how long do you usually leave a giveaway open? How quickly should i get the winner's stuff shipped out? Do you usually just do US or do you also do Canada? How do you draw in more people for participation? I have been wanting to do a giveaway for awhile now and i think my 200th post will be perfect. Hopefully you all can give me a leg up and point me in a good direction.

Anyways on with the rest of my post...

MckMama over at My Charming Kids invites us all to share our not so bright and shinning moments in her very fun meme Not Me Monday! When you are done reading mine you can zoom on over (or crawl depending on what time it is in your zone) and read more hilarious renditions of Not Me Monday. So off we go!

I did not eat a half of slab of ribs and a half a container of Buffalo Chicken Dip yesterday while watching the pregame and Super Bowl. That would have been way too much food for any one person and who could do that anyways. Certainly not me, that's for sure!

I did not also eat a salad in my delusional way of telling myself that it would balance out the fat in the other foods i ate. Who could possibly think that one bowl of salad could balance out a 1/2 slab of ribs slathered in BBQ sauce and a 1/2 container of spicey cheesy chicken? Not me and that's the truth!

I did not take a picture of MJ sitting on the toilet yesterday! Nor would i ever hold those pictures ransom as he gets older threatening to show his future girlfriends if he doesn't take out the trash/clean his room/wash the car/ect. What kind of mom would ever do such a thing, not me!

I did not once again give the kids gummies for breakfast because they say they are made of juice and how bad could they possibly be? I would never do that because i highly enjoy hearing my 2 year old scream at the top of his lungs for his Nemo gummies while the 3 year old tells me he hates me. Nope i would never do that.

I have not, nor would I ever, be wearing the same clothes for the 4th day in a row! What disgusting person would not change clothes on a daily basis! I personally change clothes twice a day!

I did not bite into a poptart that was left laying on the floor to figure out if it was fresh or old. That is nasty and i don't know anyone who would ever do that.

I also did not allow MJ to watch Cars 4 times in a row the other day because i wanted to lay down and that was the only way to get him to lay with me. Nope not me, never would i stoop so low to get a nap.

I am not currently bribing MJ with a new Lighten McQueen car and underwear to get him potty trained. No self respecting mama would ever bribe there kid into using the potty! We all know you just let them learn on their own sweet time right! Right!

Lastly i did not break down and take a pregnancy test yesterday knowing it had only been 2 1/2 weeks since we started TTC and that even if i was knocked up it wouldn't show up on the test! I am not that anxious about it! I am completely calm and know that blessings come with time and are worth the wait!

So if you enjoyed reading my Not Me Monday please head over to My Charming Kids and read away!


Brittany said...

I highly enjoy your "not me Mondays" it brightened my day and I definitely needed it! You are so funny!! And the picture of MJ on the toilet...priceless lol!!!

pam said...

The movie Cars is an excellent way to put in some time. Kids always love it.

For the giveaway - my advice is just from what I see other's doing. Contact Etsy shop owners to give you a product to review and then giveaway. I would say have it open to Canadians as well (I'm Canadian, so I am biased there) No, find out the cost to mail it before deciding that one. I will watch to see what you end up doing!!

Happy Monday!