Wednesday, November 4, 2009

39 Weeks: He Is Never Coming Out

Weight: 224 up 4 lb from last week and 18 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. Someone needs to lay off the Halloween candy lol!
BP: 104/70
Sione's HR: 140
Measurements: 41 cm/wks still measuring big
Position: Still head down...way down lol
Progress: I am still 2cm and not feeling like a laboring cervix

So besides the disappointing weight gain i am a little bit depressed about the lack of progress. It seems i have been having some very painful Braxton Hick Contractions but nothing more than that.

The midwife did reassure me today that even if it feels unready at the moment i could still go home and go into labor tonight. She said cervix checks are just not a accurate reading of labor.

She also settled my fears of going over due. She felt the baby and his position and said he is not a big baby. He is however very stretched out and relaxing. Which is why he feels so big to me. She said he has plenty of room to grow and I have very good birthing hips that will allow for a great delivery.

So the next few weeks will be a mix of NST tests (if i make it to 40 weeks), amniotic fluid checks, and waiting.

Tomorrow would have been my Mom's birthday so i am still holding out hope that he could share that very special day with her but i wont hold my breathe lol.

I am feeling much better about how things are going and although i am still tired, exhausted, in pain and ready for him to get here, I am also willing to wait and give him the time he needs to grow.

Such a great attitude i know! We will see how long it lasts though lol!


blueviolet said...

Well now for sure...any day! Good luck!

Sandee said...

Oh my. My son arrived two weeks late. I can so relate to how you feel. Soon I hope.

Have a terrific day. :)

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Alexandra said...

I am getting so excited for you!!! I keep checking to see if you have had

Alexandra said...

and do you know what worked with my first...S E X lol

Julie@Momspective said...

You're right. He's not. This is going to be happening forever. (sorry, I had to) ROFL

Ayie said...

goodluck to you and your baby, don't get so stressed

Mom24 said...

I promise he will come out. ;-)

You're looking terrific.

Dominique said...

Baby will be out soon..just have to bear with it for a few more days..

Molly said...

Praying for you, Courtney!

Shirliana said...

Any day Courtney. Hang in there. Am sending you billions of good thoughts. *hugs*

casual friday every day said...

I can't believe how close it is! It seems like forever for you but it has flown by for me LOL


Lisanne said...

I'm sorry ~ I know how anxious and excited you are! I keep stopping by thinking that you will have blogged, "It's time ~ this is it!" LOL! :) Good luck!

Halala Mama said...

Good luck! I thought for sure I'd see baby pictures by now ! :)

Jen said...

I actually found your blog because I was reading and commenting on another blog and noticed we had commented nearly the exact same thing...which led me to your blogger profile...which led me to find out that you're in Charleston, WV where I grew up!!! Crazy how small the world is :)

Good luck with that baby!!

Jenn said...

He really will come out! Really!