Monday, November 16, 2009

Proud Big Brothers

People keep asking how the boys are taking to Sione' and answer hasn't changed since day one. Although they are completely infatuated with him right now i say give it some time.
Phabian loves to hold him and rub his hair. He is always the first to his bed side if he cries and loves putting his paci back in when it falls out.
MJ loves him but is keeping his distance. I figured it would be harder on him since he has been the baby for so long. He does help out by bringing me diapers and putting the binkie in his mouth but for the most prt he still does his own thing.
Neither of them will come close to a dirty diaper but they are the first to tell everyone about their baby.
We have been lucky so far that Sione' doesn't seem to bother them much at night when he wakes. I dont know if that will continue to be the case but i sure hope.
So for now we are one happy 5 person family! And i must say i am happier than ever!!!

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