Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sione' - One Week Old

Sione' had his one week check up yesterday and so far so good!

He went Monday for his circumcision and weight check. At the time he had lost about 6 ounces and was weighting in at 7lbs 7 ozs. They reassured me that it is completely normal for a breast fed baby to lose weight after birth and he would gain it back soon.

Before his circumcision they did his PKU which i thought was bad enough but i was so sadly mistaken.

His circumcision just broke my heart. When Phabian and MJ had theirs done we were in the hospital so they came and got them and took them to a room far away to perform the task. I never heard a cry and by the time they brought them back to me they were calm and usually asleep.

With Sione' they performed the procedure in his Pedi's office and i was standing in the hallway. They gave me the option of going in the waiting room but i didn't want to be that far away so i decided to stay in the hall. Bad mistake!!!

I heard the initial cry of being strapped down and that was bad enough. Then the next thing i heard was the blood curdling scream of my baby boy. He screamed for so long and it was like torture for me not to barge in and take him away. I stood in the hall and balled like a baby as all i could do was listen to him scream.

They brought me in and i fed and rocked him and he calmed right down. I swear i am glad i will never have to do that again. My poor little heart can not and could not take it.

Yesterday Sione' was back to 7lbs 12.5ozs. He looks and sounds wonderful. He is mister peely pants. He is just peeling from head to toe and i can not pick it which drives me insane lol. We talked a lot about what is normal for his age and what i should look out for.

I have to take him back in on Monday because part of his PKU came back abnormal. They are going to redue it and then go from there. I am not well informed on exactly what PKU is but from what i understand it is very treatable and when treated early no problems usually follow. Prayers are always greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has ever had a abnormal PKU with their child and could fill me in a little more i would be happy to receive an email or comment from you.

As for home life in the first week things are going great!

Marcus is happy to have another son as am I! We could not be more blessed to have 3 handsome, healthy boys.

Marcus has been the greatest help ever. He is supporting me completely in my healing and breastfeeding. He has stayed up several nights with Sione' and aloud me to sleep, only waking me to feed and then letting me go back to sleep while he changes his diaper and gets him back to sleep. I can not tell you how much I love this man and how great and involved of a father and husband he truly is. I know so many women who would have a heart attack if their husband offered to help and here i am with a great man who does it with out me even having to ask.

Speaking of breastfeeding........................

Things are going well in that department. Sione' is officially a boobie fiend! He has had a few bottle of breast milk because of some early latch problems but for the most part all is well. His latch has gotten almost perfect and although we have good and bad days i can honestly say most days are good.

I can not explain how much it means to me that i am able to do this for my baby. I tried so hard with Phabian and gave up too quick with MJ. Both times i felt like such a failure. I guess the third time really is the charm in this case. He even flat out refused a bottle the other day and instead wanted me. It was one of those moments where i just wanted to cry with joy.

So as you can tell i am so happy and proud of our baby boy! We have come far from day one and i can not believe a week has passed already. It breaks my heart that time is going so fast already. He is a week old and i am not sure where that week went. I wish i knew that time would slow down but unfortunately i think it only goes faster from here. So i am trying to enjoy every late night feeding, and every squeak and cry. I want to remember every moment of this little life cause i know i will blink and he will be toddling around.


Shirliana said...

What beautiful pictures Courtney! Sione' is just as beautiful as Phabian and Marcus! I know what you mean about the breastfeeding - it took me a while to get the hang of it, but once I did I loved it!

You're right - you're truly blessed!!

Alexandra said...

beautiful boy!!! what a great family you have!

we are praying for him!

Mom24 said...

He's too cute! I'm so glad everything's going well. Glad too breastfeeding is off to a good start. I loved breastfeeding my youngest two.

Mark Lyndon said...

They should make all parents be present if they're going to have their children circumcised. That way, it might die out faster. It sounds like the surgeon may not even have used local anesthetic, which is against AAP guidelines but still happens a lot anyway.

Anyway, I hope he's doing fine. Good luck with the feeding. One of my cousins is a lactation consultant in Australia, and it sounds like it's a real struggle sometimes, but she says that almost everyone gets there in the end. Our son wouldn't feed for 36 hours, and lost 13% of his bodyweight before he latched on. He was big when he was born, but we were getting quite nervous about it. I was really mad that the midwives and nurses just didn't seem to care. I know they're surrounded by newborns and sick and stressed parents all the time, but they really didn't seem interested. They sure as heck would want a lot more attention if they lost 13% of their bodyweight in a day and half.

Nell said...

I'm sorry I missed the birth! Oh what a beautiful, beautiful little baby you have there.


Mom24 said...

BTW--I was playing Dr. Google and the article I found said ALL symptoms can be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment.

If that's true, that's really, really good news.