Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sione' - 2 Weeks

Yesterday Sione' turned 2 weeks old! Man how the time is flying already. I swear i was just holding him for the first time the other day but in reality i have been holding him for 2 whole weeks.

This week has held some ups and downs for us as a family.

Phabian and MJ both got a bad report from the teacher this week. MJ got very upset when he was ask to take turns on the bike at school. He took his frustration with the teacher out on a friend by kicking her in her leg. Phabian on the other hand punch another boy in the stomach over a car. The teacher was not upset with them and suggested that it is just their way of working through having this new change in their life.

Sione' has had horrible gas this week. His little belly gets so swollen and rock hard and he just screams and screams. I finally broke down and bought some Mylicon Drops and they work wonders. The only other thing that seems to help is letting him lay on his tummy for short periods of time (and always while we are awake and with him). I am working now on my diet to see if it is something i am eating that is causing the problem.

We had a bad battle with thrush this past week. It started with what i thought was just a sore nipple and ended a day later with a horrible burning feeling that i immediately knew was thrush (since i had it with Phabian). The midwife suggested i try Gentian Violet before trying antibiotics and i am so thankful for that. After 24 hours of the GV the pain was gone and today (day 3) i am back to normal feedings and symptom free. I am however going to go tomorrow and buy me some yogurt with active cultures just to be on the safe side of things.

The good news is even through a battle with thrush Sione' seems to pretty much have his latch down. Now if we could just work on moving his hands away from his mouth when he gets too excited we would be doing perfect.

Also we got his test results back on Wednesday. Sorry for waiting so long to tell everyone but thanks to the grace of God and a whole lot of prayers from everyone Sione' is just fine. His original test was a false positive and the second came back negative for Biotinidase Deficiency. We are thanking God that he has blessed us so much. I owe you all a big thank you for all the prayers you sent up for our little bug!

Sione' also celebrated his first holiday! I am not sure how much he enjoyed it but i am sure turkey flavored breast milk is just divine! He got to mingle with his extended family (well he slept, they ogled him). We truly had so much to be thankful for yesterday!

He is growing so fast. I can just see it in his little face. He is so, so perfect! I love him more and more everyday. I just look into his eyes and know that our family couldn't be anymore perfect. He completes us and nothing could be more wonderful than that!

(You can see the remains of the purple from the Gentian Violet)


Mom24 said...

Oh my goodness, such wonderful news! Yeah! I'm very, very happy for you.

Your boys will be fine. Stay consistent, don't over-baby or over-discipline them, they'll work it out.

Sorry about the thrush, ouch!

What a wonderful beginning to the holidays. :-)

casual friday every day said...

Stop it! You're making me want another one... ALREADY!


Alexandra said...

what a beautiful boy!!! So glad to hear that the test came back negative!

Halala mama said...

Just beautiful!