Friday, July 31, 2009

Update On Phabian and School!

So as i mentioned before Phabian is back to school and they have already completed their initial testing that they do at the beginning of each year. You might remember my bragging from last year, so i promise this is not as braggy but more for record purposes. However i am a very proud Mama!!!

So, Wednesday i had a parent teacher meeting with Phabian's teachers. Phabian did very well. He scored above average on everything but especially high on his Motor Skills.

They measure it by setting a normal range (which is 4y4m-4y7m) for his age. He is 4y 5m and scored an overall of 4y 11m. He scored 83 and the cut off was 72. He scored at 5y 1m on is Motor Skills, a 4y 11m on Language, and a 4y 6 m on his Academic. His teacher said he would have scored higher on his Academic but he was getting very bored towards the end and lost a lot of interest in the counting part (She gives him 10 blocks and then asks if he can hand her 5, 7 and 9 blocks back. He gave her the 5 but then refused to do the 7 and 9 even though we know he is able.)

She said he can identify his full name and age but did not know his address which she said most kids don't at 4. He knows all his colors and count to 30 (he is only asked to count to 10). He can identify all the objects asked of him (ladder, scissors, leaf, nail, duck, fish, tractor, snake, but she said most kids cant identify the nail and tractor[they have to say tractor not truck or mower]). He can pick an odd object out of a line up of objects that are the same, and can draw all of his shapes. He can identify all of his body parts except ankle and jaw.

I am just so proud of my big boy! We talked about how the schools focus too much on testing a not enough on the actual learning but how these basic tests can really help the Pre-K teacher know how to help kids in a specific area before sending them off to Kindergarten.

We also talked about MJ starting soon and how MJ and Phabian are like night and day. She is in for a big surprise when she gets MJ in that classroom lol. He is just as smart but expresses himself so much differently than Phabian.

I must say i love my smarty pants boys!!!


Laura McIntyre said...

You have every right to be such a proud mummy. Your boys both sound amazing , Sione is one lucky guy being born into your family

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

It is a rainy day here in La and I have enjoyed some blog reading....glad to catch up with you.

Brittany said...

Your such a proud mom !! Your boys are so smart and I see Sione being the same exact way !!!