Friday, July 17, 2009

First Day of School

I have the great pleasure of my kids attending year round school.

Now some might not see this as a good thing but i personally LOVE it!

For are family it means being able to plan our vacation not just during the hot summer months but during any of the multiple 3 week breaks. There schedule goes something like this:

  • School year starts in July (attend for 9 weeks)
  • Break in late September/early October (3 weeks)
  • Back to school in October (9 weeks)
  • Out in late December/early January (3 weeks)
  • Back in January (9 weeks)
  • Out late March/early April (3 weeks)
  • Back in April (9 weeks)
  • Out in early June for 5 weeks
  • And repeat....
So the upside besides vacation is my kids don't have a lot of time to forget what they have learned through the school year. Now in my area the only schools that have this are the Head Start Programs and the Elementary Schools (only 3 of them at that). I wish they would expand it to all schools but they say it would be inconvenient to the sports (specifically football season).

Now i told you all this just to lead up to this...

I got the great pleasure of being their for my beautiful niece's (my best friend's daughter) very first day of school. She is now attending Pre-k with Phabian. Chelsie's camera was dead so i also got the pleasure of taking the pictures. Jayden looked beautiful as always and Phabian was so excited to have his best friend their with him.

They love each other so much! The last picture is by far my fave!


Angela said...

That last picture is so darling. I think year round school is a great idea. It also means you don't have a looong summer with bored kids. :)

McMommy said...

I've always wondered how year-round school works!!! And what adorable pics!