Monday, July 20, 2009

Isn't It Ironic...

How we forget all the horrible parts of pregnancy until after we are already into it.

When i started getting baby fever about a year ago i had no thought what so ever about that hard, frustrating, and sometimes overwhelming parts of pregnancy. All i was thinking about was how my "baby" was turning/turned 2 and my eldest had started school. Soon my youngest would be in school and i would be home alone.

Everyone around me was having babies and getting pregnant and i was in high alert mode. All i could think about was how much i wanted a 3rd child and how i couldn't wait any loner to be pregnant.

Now don't get me wrong i do not by any means wish i hadn't conceived Sione! I am so happy to be carrying this little man in my belly. I also highly enjoyed/enjoy being pregnant. It is a unexplainable feeling to be carrying a life inside you. Nothing else in life can compare to the feeling of holding a life in your hands.

However (and this is the part where i get a little whiny) i had completely forgotten how annoying, frustrating, overwhelming, and teeth gritting pregnancy can be. All the little things add up and can make me just want to pop my head off my shoulders and roll it down a bowling alley (or maybe that is what my head feels like has been done to it).

I forgot how hard it is to roll out of bed (most of the time over my hubby) when i need to pee at 3 am. I also forgot how uncomfortable it is to have a 1lb baby sitting on and kicking your bladder 24/7. Having 2 pee every 10 mins is also not fun. It seems i spend a good amount of time in my bathroom.

Speaking of kicking babies!!!!

Why is it that this baby never sleeps? I swear to you he sleeps in 20 minute increments and spends the rest of the time kicking the crap outta me. Now i am so thankful to be able to feel him move and that he is able to move. I love feeling him move and watching my belly jump. However i feel like if there was a good hour or 2 where i could go without him kicking i would be doing great. He is so strong he even wakes me out of a dead sleep with his jabs to my ovaries.

All of the above mentioned things then lead to me being completely exhausted no matter how much sleep i seem to get. I go to bed early and still wake up tired. I take a nap and become more tired than i was before the nap. I am always in a state of exhaustion. Having other children to take care of does not help with this exhaustion.

To end on a bright note i have the greatest hubby in the world. For those who follow me on twitter or read my blog the other day you already know what i am referring to. My husband took the kids all weekend allowing me to sleep in and pretty much have 2 days all to myself. How great is he!?!?!?!?!

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Brittany said...

Yeaa I hated being pregnant lol !! Peeing all the time AWFUL !! Lol Kaci was the same way she would sleep in like 15-20 minute increments then kick the crap outta me for like 5 hours !! But, it was the best feeling in the world...but at times annoying hahah !