Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Name Help!!!!

So i am in crisis!

No seriously, baby naming is a crisis for me.

I am not one of the women who waits to see the baby before she names it. I am a planner and always have had baby names picked out within the first 3 months; that way we already knew the name we would use regardless of boy or girl.

We did have names picked out. Or so i thought. For a boy we had a beautiful name! Now hubby has decided that he doesn't really like it anymore. He loves the middle name so now we are going to use that as a first name.

So the problem now is i cant find a middle name that sounds and fits well with the first name. It is driving me insane!!!

So here i am on my knees begging for name suggestions from you dear bloggy friends.

Baby Bug's first name has officially been dubbed (barring my husband's ever changing mind) Sione (pronounced C-O-Nay).

Some name we have ruled out are: Isaiah, Issac, Hunter, Alec, Francis (after my Mom's middle name), Julius (which was suppose to be the first name), and Julian.

The only name we can agree on is Ozmoni but i feel like it is a tongue twister when put all together and would possibly be h-e-double hockey sticks on my kids later on lol. So it is kind of a last resort of sorts.

What we are doing now is taking suggestions from everyone and making a list to pick from!

So please help me out and give me what ever you have. I really like uncommon names but since we are talking middle names and not first i am open to anything!

I would like it to have a nice flow with Sione (which means "God's Grace" for those wondering).



Anonymous said...

Im usless and cannot think of anything but it you like Ozmoni then i think it would go great.

Names are so hard , we only really settled on Ru before he was born
Love the belly shots btw, you look great

Brittany said...

Sione Alexander?

I love that fist name !!! Its wonderful and unique. I am like you I had Kaci's name picked out from the very beginning and my boys name is still up just in case we have a boy next time...but of course we have a girls name ready and waiting again lol. I plan way ahead cause we arent having another one for at least 4 years !!

Petula said...

Yes, I love to have names picked out ahead of time too. They always fit perfectly. Let's see: I like the suggestion Alexander. I also like Andre. (That's my son's name.) Hmmm??? Jeremiah? No. Aaron? Aiden? Cameron? No, not Cameron. Well, I guess those are my suggestions. Good luck... and you do look great!

Lisanne said...

It almost seems to me like you need a three-syllable middle name. That would have a "rhythm" to it. I love Alexander ~ that's Lucas's middle name. I also like the suggestion of "Jeremiah" above.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thank you so much for praying for our sweet boy this past week. Looks like he may get to go home in the next few days. I am so thankful for my new blog friends....and plan to spend some time reading blogs one day this week...
Remember that Tuesday night I will be drawing for the June giveaway...a $75.00 "Card Box"!
Every comment counts for an entry. Plus in thanks for all the prayers said for my family this month...I am going to add 3other special "surprise gifts"! So there will be bloggers that get blessed this week!

Trasie Bressler said...

Well.....My middle son has 3 last names. His first name is Reece (my maiden name) his middle name is Kapp (my Mom's maiden name) and Bressler (our last name). He was named after all 3 of his Grandpa's.

So if your maiden name sounds cool with Sione you could go that route. Just a thought!

I think names are hard too......You will know it when you hear it and it will fit him perfectly.

Many Many Blessings,

P.S. Congrats on your big win from Theresa.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Love Ozmoni!!

Super cute!