Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday 6

I try very hard to expose my kids to different aspects of life. To show them that not every family is the same and that we are all different. I want to expand their minds to include diversity not as something bad but as something special, unique, and wonderful.

Our family in itself is diverse. We are a interracial family. My children themselves are biracial and diverse. They will never fit into one category nor should any of us. There is no box for them to check that says exactly who they are and nor should there be for any of us.

Something i take my kids to every year is the Pride Week here is Charleston. There are picnics, parades, performances, and friends. I have long been a member of the gay community. I (and i say this with all knowledge that this could make me lose some of my readers) have always considered myself to be bisexual. I was in a relationship with a wonderful woman for 4 years prior to meeting and marrying my husband. A lot of my close friends are gay and i love each of them.

I know, and i have fought with, the fact that many religions banish homosexuals as sinners, but aren't we all sinners. Who are we to judge and throw the first stone. Who are we to say that our sins are less than the sins of another of God's creations. It wasn't long ago that i would have been cast out and considered a sinner for marrying a black man (not to mention that some religions still believe that marrying outside your race is a sin).

Either way, i want to teach my children tolerance and love! I want them to know that love looks different for everyone. I want them to know that they have no right to judge anyone but themselves and in the end God will judge us all for himself. I think these are the most important lessons that Jesus taught when he walked with us on Earth. He taught love, tolerance, and patience. Those are the lessons i pass on to my kids.

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Sue said...

That's great your teaching your kids that! Good for you.

Thanks for sharing.

Bree Shaw said...

love the pics! i am so glad to hear that you like to show your kids the "real" world.

Marla said...

this is a totally awesome post! so cool that you are exposing your kids to this and showing it! kudos to you!

Laura McIntyre said...

Its great your exposing your kids to this early on , i would love to take mine to somewhere like that.

Its brave of you to confess about your relationship with a women , i think its wonderful . I was in a very short relationship with a women in my teens which left me confused ,i can still not work out of i go more towards one way or another. I do love my husband i do know that.

We grew up with gay relatives , my kids will also grow up with many gay "uncles" and i think thats wonderful. Make them realise its normal