Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Before I go bragging about all my father figures I want to wish all the Fathers out there a Happy Father's Day! No one can do what you do and your role in life, although at times it may seems small, is no job to scoff at! Those are some big shoes to fill!

With that said...
Meet my Father-n-Law, Walt! He has been an awesome FIL! I could not have ask for a more loving man to come into my kids and my life. He has never been anything more than accepting of me and has always showed me the love that the whole family has to offer.

He is never one to back away from a good joke or a laugh. There are more than one occasion or holiday that include great memories of his picking and teasing.

Thank you Walt for accepting me into your family and treating me as a daughter. You will never know how much it means to me that you love me as one of your own and how you love my babies!

Meet my Dad, Jim! I dont think i could ever imagine another father so loving and so kind. Although my father and I have not always seen eye to eye (as most fathers and daughters) he has never been anything more than a loving father.

Growing up i was a huge Daddy's Girl! I wanted nothing more than to visit him in the Meat Shop and help him do his job. Many times over the years as a young child i remember going into his work and him stopping everything to give me what i wanted. I always got a big hug, a slice of bologna, and a slice of cheese. It was my favorite thing.

We went through a ruff time when my mother passed away. They had been together for most of their lives and he would never even have thought of looking at another woman. He set the boundries and standards that led me to my husband. He worked hard to make sure we had everything we needed. Food on the table, lights on to read, gas to warm and feed us, and beds to rest our head on. Who could ask for more.

Now as a grandfather to my kids i still couldnt ask for more. He loves those kids more than anyone could imagine and would go to the end of the earth for us. He calls to check on us and comes by to see us. He always brings something for the kids even if it is something we dont really need.

He is what all fathers should be aspire to be.

Last but certainly never least is my handsome husband and father to my beautiful kids, Marcus!

What can i say about this man that i havent already said? He is not only a great father to his own kids but has a soft spot in his heart for all children. He has always even as a young 18 year old taken a leadership role with the community sports teams. He has couched kids in everything from softball, baseball, basketball, and football! Never allowing them to giveup on themselves or to feel that they werent giveing their best.

Now with his own kids he is the same gentle man he has always been. He loves his kids more than life itself and i have no doubt that, God forbid, something should happen to me my kids would be in the best hands possible. He is always ready to show them new things and play a game of baseball in the backyard. He is always prepared to kiss a boo boo or tuck them back in when they have a bad dream. He is a solid comforter to not only me but his children.

He talks to The Bug (which after tomorrow will have a name i think i will share). He lays his head near my belly or a hand on it and talks to the little baby forming inside me. For that matter at this point Bug will only kick for him! The moment his voice is hearable to the child inside me Bug starts kicking away!

He has never missed a doctor's appointment (before or after birth), school event, practise, important event in his kids lives. He is the most involved father i could have been blessed with for my children's father.

He works hard (sometimes 60 hour weeks) to make sure we have everything we need and want. I have never seen a more dedicaed father than the man i married. I doubt he will ever truly know how much he is loved and appreciated.

So today is for these men that i admire and many, many more. I hope they know today of all days how much they are loved!


Brittany said...

What a beautiful post !!! I cant wait to find out what your having !!!!!!

Laura McIntyre said...

You are so lucky to have such wonderful men in your life. Lovely post