Thursday, June 4, 2009

17 Week Appt

So i am officially 17 weeks. Almost half way there. It seems like it has really flown by fast so far. I am trying to savor every minute of it since this could be my last (barring any surprises). I have been feeling a lot of movement. Bug has on and off days. Today was a on day and Bug was moving around like crazy. I really love being able to feel Bug move around this early as i really do want to enoy and take in as much as possible.

My appointment went great today. I am down 3 lbs since my last appointment which puts me -2 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. My midwife doesnt seem to concerned about it. Since i was overweight before my pregnancy she really is only looking for me to gain between 10 and 15 lbs. My BP is great. 108/70 which is my normal. Bugs heart beat was great ranging between 160 and 180. Bug was moving so much that she had to take it twice just to be sure of a number. We chatted for a long time about how i have been feeling and what i am looking for in this birth. I really am loving my midwives. They so ginuwinly care. They also did my CBC (i think thats what it was called) to check for downs and other things but told me not to worry too much as they have a high rate of false positives.

They are scheduling my US for sometime the end of next week or beginning of the next. I am so excited and nervous. I have no clue why but i think it has to do with my uncertainity about whether Bug is a girl or boy. With Phabian and MJ i just knew they were both boys even though i wanted MJ to be a girl. This time i am at a loss. Everyone else thinks it is a girl but i just dont know and i dont really have a feeling about it this go around.

So just for kicks here are a few 17 week belly pics. Please excuse the cars towel on my head, the saggy boobs, and the spandex dress lol. I had just gotten out of the shower and couldnt find anything else to put on except this tube dress that i bought when i was like 16 (and have no clue why it is still in my home lol).

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Mom24 said...

I'm glad things are going well for you. So much fun. :-)