Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eviction Notice: 37 Weeks and Midwife Update

Weight: 219 up 1 lb from last week and 13 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.
BP: 104/68
Sione's HR: 145 and right up near the skin of my lower belly.
Measurements: 37 cm/weeks. Right on for my actual due date.
Position: Still head down and no longer back to back with me.
Progress: She didn't check me today and i didn't ask so no new news really. I am having some mild contractions here and there but nothing serious. Plan on doing a lot of walking from here on out.

I am officially giving Sione' his eviction notice as of today! His lease is up and he hasn't paid rent in almost a year so i think it is more than fair to ask him to vacate the premises lol!

On a more serious note i tested positive for GBS (Group B Strep) but the midwife assured me that all is ok and as long as i get my antibiotics then i should have no problem. We talked a lot about different scenarios and problems with my current pediatrician but we have a plan and it works for all of us.

I wont say much just that my pediatrician is not very pro birth center or midwife and it is causing some problems. He wants me to admit the baby back into the hospital for 48 hr observation after i give birth (since i tested GBS+) and i do not think it is necessary after talking about it with my midwives. I think it is actually more risky to expose a newborn to the hostile germ filled hospital if it is not truly needed.

Anyways we also talked about when i need to call them and when i need to leave to go to the center. I will be ask to come in a little earlier than a normal delivery since i am GBS+ and they want to make sure i get my antibiotics in.

Other than that i am just playing the waiting game now. He is free to show his face any time now and i am getting so excited. I am really ready for it now and plan on doing a lot of walking and other things ***;)*** to hopefully speed along his arrival. I am just done being pregnant and ready to meet my little man!


Shelly said...

Wow, what a great belly! Hope that everything goes smoothly for you with the labor and that they respect your wishes.


Lisanne said...

Yeah!!! Those are awesome pictures! I hope that everything works OK!

Rhea said...

You're almost there! Good luck. :)

blueviolet said...

That belly is ready! How exciting!

Tiaras said...

eat Chinese food - it worked for me!

sheila said...

awesome belly! very beautiful! You carry your pregnancy well, it's all baby!

Mom24 said...

You are looking great! Sorry for the doctor worries. Sometimes I think they forget that part of their job is to work WITH us.

Good luck with everything.

Marie said...

I hope all goes well -- I know you are probably more then ready to meet your little one :-)

Brittany said...

Oh man its getting so close ! I am way to excited to meet little Sione...well see his pictures lol. I didnt see your last post about the mucous plug but I always wondered what it looked like cause I never got a chance to lose mine cause I was induced at 38 weeks. I can see in the picture that you are just so ready !!! I got that way at 37 weeks too I cried everyday cause I was so miserable. The good news is in the pictures you look like you have DROPPED I hear that is a good sign !! And with your history of early labor maybe it really is coming soon !!!! I hope so I will be praying for you for a quick and healthy delivery. Oh and don;t worry about the GBS I tested positive for it and I had like 4 hours of antibiotics while I was in labor and Kaci never had any issues so I think you will be fine your midwife would tell you if your baby was showing signs that he caught the GBS.

Julie@Momspective said...

I love how everyone has a tip. There was a few of us who went to get our hair done by a mutual friend and we ALL went into labor within 24 hours of it, now all the pregnant gals want Sara to do their hair lol!

angie said...

Ha ha ha. I gave my kids the eviction notice by 37 weeks too. LOVE these pictures of your belly.

Nell said...

I miss weekly belly shots! So much fun to see your belly grow larger and rounder.