Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Last Saturday we took the boys for a modeling shoot. They do mini-modeling for a local studio. Masterpiece Studio of Charleston offers great discounts to their mini models and in turn we get unforgettable pictures of our kids.

They often send out emails for new sets and if we like the set we call and schedule the appointment. Then they use the pictures for their website and promotions.

The newest set was a Gone Fishin' theme and it was perfect for our boys. I just knew they would have a blast while shooting. So off we went to do a little photographing. Here is one of the pictures they are using for their promotions and web page.

I think it just turned out beautiful! It really shows my boys in their natural boyishness!

This is not one of the pictures we bought as we decided to hold out til we have money to buy a canvas size. They sell beautiful canvas pictures that look like paintings and i think this would be a perfect shot for that.

When we finished the shoot (as always) they gave the kids cookies, and this time they also gave them some goldfish crackers and with out permission they gave them 2 live goldfish. They boys were thrilled with their prizes and had such a blast doing the shoot.

I can not say enough good things about Masterpiece Studio of Charleston. If you are in the Charleston, WV area i would highly suggest you give them a call. They are amazing and truly melt your heart with the beautiful pictures they capture.

i am going back on the 13th to have my maternity pictures done and i could not be more excited! I just know they will capture a perfect portrait of my growing belly and family!

(Disclaimer: They did not ask me to do this post and i did not receive anything for doing it. I am just passing on through word of mouth how great i think this studio is)


Brittany said...

What a sweet photo !!! I cant wait to see the maternity pictures. I wish a place like that was where I lived. I hope your doing well I am assuming you are since you didnt say much about the pregnancy :) Not to much longer now !!!!

Mom24 said...

That really is an adorable picture.

Nell said...

Oh I love that photo! Adorable little models they are!


Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

that's adorable!!! your boys are stunners anyway and this setting is perfect!