Tuesday, October 27, 2009

38 Weeks and Impatiently Waiting

Weight: 220 up 1 lb from last week and 14 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.
BP: 118/80
Sione's HR: 140
Measurements: 40 cm/wks back to being 2 weeks ahead
Position: Still head down and no longer back to back with me.
Progress: She didn't check me again today and i didn't ask so no new news really.

So no news! No checking! No baby!!!!

I am STILL having contractions but just more random.

He is was down in my pelvis and my pelvic bone feels like it just might snap in half.

I am running fast out of patients with Sione' and my body, my kids, myhusband, and anyone or thing that crosses my path.

I am however grateful to my sister who took me to dinner and a movie Monday night. She wanted to take me out for a night before Sione' does get here. We went to Chili's to eat and then went and to go see Saw VI. I had a blast and it was a great movie.

So really nothing to update on. Same old same old and i am just sooooooooooo ready!


Julie@Momspective said...

OH MY LORD WOMAN. You're my hero.

Brittany said...

Gosh you look so READY !!! He has dropped like crazy !!!! I remember feeling her in my pelvis and gosh you are so strong for being able to even get out of bed cause that is some PAIN !!! I am still praying he makes his appearance SOON !!! She needs to check you !!!!!! That might make things happen!!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Look at you! I can't wait to hear... I am so behind, too- if you have any questions about natural childbirth, ask away. A book I loved was Having A Baby Naturally and Mothering.com.