Thursday, October 15, 2009

All News Is Good News

Update: I just talked to my midwife and she reassured me that it is all fine. That losing the plug really does not mean much of anything and just to keep acting normally unless i start to have a bloody show or contractions or leaking. So nice to be able to talk to my midwives any time as opposed to doctors who take hours to call you back.
So this really isnt for anyone elses reading pleasure but more for my record keeping. Sorry if this is disgusting to some but i am sure most mommies will know what i am saying and understand.

I lost my mucus (mucous) plug this morning. I kept feeling something wet in my underwear and thinking WTF so i went to the bathroom and there it was. Underwear snot! I know a great discription and so far past TMI for probably most of you lol.

It was not tinged with blood and was only a little bit. I am assuming that i only lost a little of it and not the whole thing.

I do not know when i lost it with my boys so i have no clue what to really think about it. I am getting lots of support from all my Twitter buddies and appreciate all of your responses to my panic lol.

I just keep talking to Sione and telling him he just has to wait 6 more days then he is free to come out when ever he pleases.

Since i am having no bloddy show, no leaking, and no contractions i will just assume for now that all is ok and we are in this for at least another week.

If you feel like it share your story about losing your mucus plug! Hey people i am bored so give me a break!


Mom24 said...

Sorry to say I lost mine a month before my kids were born. Good luck. :-)

casual friday every day said...

WOW! It COULD happen any time. I never lost mine. Never had my water break on its own. And never went into labor on my own. :(


Halala Mama said...

ahh...that baby is getting ready!!!