Monday, October 26, 2009


So i am still pregnant and still having contractions (3 an hour at the most).

I am feeling......................



There is no better way to put it. I know some of it is just me hitting the same brick wall that all pregnant women hit when you are considered full term and miserable, but another part of it is just me being so tired of these contractions.

Call them what you will but Braxton Hicks just does not seem appropriate. I never had them with my boys so i don't know what they are suppose to really feel like but from what i have read they are usually painless. These contractions i am having are not painless. They hurt like someone is twisting my ovaries and biting my uterus. And on top of that Sione' decides ever so often to scratch my cervix.

That is the only way i can describe the feeling. It is like he is taking his fingernail and scratching along my cervix. Maybe he is! Who knows! Maybe he sees a light and wants to explore. Either way it is a very annoying feeling.

I am huge! My stretch marks, which up until now had not gotten any worse, are starting to turn red and get bigger. They are inching closer and closer to my boobs. I was hoping to avoid this and was thinking they could not get any worse. I guess i was wrong!

My back and legs hurt! I can not sleep good at night between peeing and tossing and turning because of pain. I am just miserable!

I am however happy that my baby boy is safe and i know he will be here eventually.

(((He will be here eventually right? Cause he obviously cant stay in there forever!?!?)))

So what am i to do. The only thing i can i guess. Wait it out!

I am doing laundry, cleaning, and walking (among more entertaining, fun things which are not so entertaining and fun when you are huge, exhausted, and miserable) to try to get this thing on a roll. He will come when he is ready and i have to make piece with that, i know! Waiting is just not my forte if you know what i mean.

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow and i am going to ask to be check and possibly see if they might consider stripping my membranes. Either way i will probably update you on Wednesday. Wish me luck and keep on praying for me that labor will get its butt in gear and give me a visit (or for me to be more patient lol)!


Lisanne said...

Good luck! Hopefully at your appointment tomorrow you will get some more information ~ like I said, I bet he will be here this week! I'm hoping for Halloween, LOL! :)

Brittany said...

Oh gosh I feel your pain girl !!! I read every word and I swear I remember feeling the EXACT same way. I was so tired of people telling me braxton hicks contractions dont hurt but what I was getting hurt and it felt jsut like you described I told my mom one time that Kaci was trying to dig her way out of there cause I could feel her nails on my cervix or thats what it felt like lol. Gosh I feel your pain and I am praying for you to go ahead and get this little guy out !!!! I hope everything goes good at the doc and maybe she will strip your membranes and get this ball rolling !!!!!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

oh man, it was ike yesterday that I was feeling that way. hang in there! every contraction you have is getting your body ready si you're getting closer!

and rest! well, as much as you can!!