Thursday, November 4, 2010


Phabian made it all the way to school today just for them to call us and tell us he needed to come home. He isn't running a fever or anything. Just vomit, diariah, and an upset tummy. maybe it is just a 24 hr bug. I pray that it is just that.

He has been laying on the couch since he got home a few hours ago. He seems to be feeling better already but who knows. As long as he is resting and drinking lots of fluids i suppose he will be alright. He wont be able to make football practice tonight and i hate that for him since this is the last week.

Oh yea did i mention that his team made it to the Super Bowl!!!! Go Generals!!!! I am so proud of my boy. This was his first year playing and he is just so excited about the championship. So i pray he is better by Sunday at least for he will be able to make the game.

So not much else to report here. Phabian - sick, Sione' - teething, MJ - brat (just kidding) (not really).

Hope you are all having a very blessed day.

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Mom24 said...

Oh No! Hope he's feeling better soon.