Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Sione'

Dear Sione',

          Today marks one year of you being in our lives. One whole year since you came into our world and made it that much more joyous. It is hard for Mommy and Daddy to believe that is has been 12 months since i wrote about your birth.

          So much has taken place in the last year. You have grown so much and yet you are still my littlest baby. Mommy and Daddy have so many hopes and dreams for you but we want you most of all to love life and treasure every moment.

          At one you have 7 1/2 teeth. We thought you would never get them. They came in slow and painfully for you. You have no been the best teether but you made for one great cuddler while going through it. You got one at a time and then all of a sudden in October 3 came in at once totaling you to 7. Your little toothy grin with your scrunched up nose is my favorite thing to see first thing in the morning.

          I am not sure how much you weight but my guess would be somewhere between 26 and 28 pounds and you are such a tall little thing. You have your one year appointment on the 15th so we will find out then and i will make a note here later.

          You are oh so active. You enjoy running now. I mean full on, taking off, fly by the seat of your pants running. It is still the waddle run of a baby but fast and cute none the less. You also enjoy hugging and blowing kisses. Your little chubby baby hands waving bye bye is just enough to make and grouch smile.

          You do love your sleep though and are not one to be woken up. You go to bed at 8 with your brothers and wake at 6:30 with them as well. Usually you go back to bed at 8:30 for a morning nap and again at 3 for a short afternoon nap. Soon we will cut that morning one out and change to one nap around noon instead.

          You hair when wet and combed touch the back of your shoulders on your neck, but when aloud to dry natural is curly, curly, curly. It has changed from the dark black of your first 8 months to a dark auburn/brown like Mommy and Phabian's. One thing that hasnt changed is those dark, almost black, eyes and those lush long lashes. I think i have another heart breaker on my hands. Those eyes are dangerous and you know how to use 'em.

           You are curious about everything. Lights, noises, people all have to be investigated with all 5 senses. You are jibbering up a storm now in your own little language that none of us can really understand but love to hear none the less. You can say several words though. Hah Hah (Hot Hot), Dada, Mama, Num Num (Yum Yum), Bye Bye, BaBa (Bottle or Sippy), Buh Buh (Bubby), Na Na (No No), MiMI (Paci which we call Minka) are the most understandable.

           This first year has went by too fast. It has just been one day after another flown by. Good days and bad i wouldnt take back a moment of it. If anything i would go back and slow it all down. You are another gift from God and we cherish you more then you will ever know.

            Happy Birthday to you Sione'. We love you and are so proud and happy with how big you are. And as we enter the next phase of your life i hope you know that everyone is so very proud to have you in their life. We hold you in our hearts and nothing will every change the love we feel for you.

(I will follow with a picture post soon. Didnt wanna make this post a mile long.)

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Mom24 said...

He certainly looks like a heartbreaker! So cute. He really has a lot of words.

Happy Birthday baby boy.