Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wild, Scary Ride We Call Life

It has been an extremely long and scary weekend. Things went all haywire, time stopped, sped forward, slowed down, and crept at a snail pace.

Lets start with Saturday. For the most part Saturday was normal. For the MOST part.

We got up and went to Saturday morning football practice. After practice they had a birthday party/lunch for all the teams. Anyone who has more then 1 child, or works in a school, church, nursery where you deal with more than one child at a time, knows it is difficult to coordinate anything involving a lot of kids. Well lets say serving lunch to about 120 kids plus 30 adults, in a room built to hold about 50 people, out of a kitchen the size of a bathroom, is not an easy or fun task.

After that was over we headed home to take a little nap. Hubby left for work at 3 as is the norm. The rest of the afternoon went pretty well. But here is where it gets sticky.

My SIL (lets call her C) was hosting a sleep over Saturday night for her son and my kids. The reason for this was because she was watching MJ and Sione' all day Sunday while we were at the Super Bowl games and we didn't want Phabian to feel like he missed out on the fun. Since the buses run funny at night Hubby had to take the car to work with him leaving me no way to get the kids to my SIL's house (her car is in the shop). So we called his niece (lets call her A) and ask if she would mind coming by around 6 and taking the kids to said SIL's house. She said that was fine and all was worked out and well.

At 6 that evening i texted A and ask her is she was still planning to take the kids to C's house. She said yes but she was waiting on her boyfriend to get home. I said ok i was just checking and to call when she was on the way. About 3 seconds later she texts me back and said she didn't know what was going on that C was at Granddad's house. So i said ok let me know whats going on. So i waited. All the while my kids are now screaming and crying because they think they are not going to get to go to the sleepover.

At 7:30 i texted her again. She proceeded to tell me that C was with my BIL (lets call him F) getting her cell phone fixed. Ah so this explains why my 3 calls and 10 texts have not been answered. So A tells me that she is not coming to get the kids. That since F is taking C home he is coming to get the kids. Ok that makes sense to me. So i text F to confirm and see how long it will be.

By now it is 8 and the kids are over the moon howling about how they are late and they are not going to get to go. The baby is exhausted and ready for bed and my temper is teetering on boiling. After texting F he tells me i will have to meet him at the house cause he doesn't have room in his car. I said i do not have a way to meet you there and that A said that she had already confirmed with him that he was coming to get them. He laughed and said ok we will figure it out.

Finally at 8:30 they pick up the kids and i am left home along waiting on Hubby. Breathe a sign of relief!

Fast forward to Sunday morning. We are up way early because we have to get everything ready for the day, pick Phabian up from C's, go pick up a few other people, and be at our home field by 10 to join in the parade to the Super Bowl field.

Hubby had ran to my MIL's house to borrow a few dollars and i was fixing my hair when the phone rang.

This is where time did all the stopping, slowing, speeding, and crawling.

C called in tears to tell me Phabian had spilled boiling water on his arm (i hear his screams of panic and pain in the background) and he needed to go to the ER right away.


In a panic i tell her ok we will be there asap.


I call Hubby at his Mom's and scream at him to get home NOW because Phabian is hurt.



Hubby finally gets home i jump in the car and we speed off.


We pull up at C's house i just out of the car bust in the house. Run up a flight of stairs to find my baby calmly sitting on the bed with a towel wrapped around his arm. I prepare for the worst.


I look at his arm, slowly unwrapping the towel. I don't see bone (ok worst averted), but the skin is all peeling back and my poor baby's skin is red as a fire engine. We rush him to the car and to the ER.

They get him in quick and give him some Ibuprofen for pain. This is where i get to brag about how brave my boy is. They had to cut away the dead skin and put medicine and bandages on his burn. It is a 2nd degree burn we are told and no worse then a really bad sunburn. He didn't even flinch. He laughed and joked with the nurse and doctors all while they cut and bandaged his poor burnt arm. We are released with the instructions that he is not allowed to play int he Super Bowl and to return the following morning for a check up.

We proceed to the football field (still making the parade). He joins his team on the field where they give him a jersey to wear and let him instruct warm ups. He stays with his team and cheers them on from the sidelines. I am so proud of my boy. They lost 32 to 14 but still held their heads high as they accepted their 2nd place trophies.

The day was long and dragged out. We were at the football field from 11am to 7pm. By the time we picked up MJ and Sione' got some food and got home all we had energy to do was pass out.

Monday morning we got up and get MJ to school and Sione' to my MIL's. Then headed to the ER for our check up. Once again they got us in and out with instructions to change the bandage 2 - 3 times a day and follow up with a plastic surgeon in 2 - 5 days.

So that was our weekend. It was long, scary, sad, and hard. I hope to never have another weekend like that again. Changing Phabian's bandage last night was hard. the nerves are getting feeling back and it hurt him so much. I cried with him as i washed and rebandaged his burn. this morning wasn't as bad as it is starting to scab over and try to heal.

It is going to be a long recovery but hopefully in the end it will heal well and all will be ok. Just keep my baby in your prayers. He is a brave brave boy.


Mom24 said...

Courtney! I'm so sorry! How scary. That's just awful. Hope your boy's all better very soon. Hang in there.

Cucipata said...

Life with children never has a dull moment...