Monday, November 22, 2010

Bad Mommy Sunday

So yesterday was not....i repeat NOT a good day.

I had a bad mommy day. Yes i know we all have them but it doesnt make it any less upsetting.

The day started off well enough. the kids and I watched How To Train Your Dragon (super cute if you havent seen it). We ate popcorn for breakfast and cuddled in the recliner.

But somewhere along the lines a migrain made itself known. Sione' was having a super...i repeat SUPER cranky day. The kids feel apart when i ask them to help me clean. And Hubby well he was no help when i was trying to get dinner on the table.

All of this lead to a MMMD (Mini Mommy Melt Down). I screamed and yelled. I threatened. And at the worst of it i threw a dish (not at anyone; i was alone in the kitchen) and smashed it against the wall. I ended up knealing in the kitchen floor praying to God to take this dag blasted headache away, and to please give me patients to finish out the night.

Then after we had ate and the kids laid in bed i went in to kiss them goodnight. They threw their little arms around my neck and told me they loved me. MJ ask if my head still hurt. Phabian kissed me on my forhead and told me it was ok. And hubby fixed me a cup of hot tea.

It should have made me feel better but instead i got a big dose of MMG (Major Mommy Guilt). How could i be so mean to these people who love me so much. Thank God for blessing me so much with a loving family. Thank God these children are built in his light. Quick to forgive and forget. I love them and they love me despite my many flaws.

Thank You God!


Mom24 said...

I know it doesn't really help, but we have all been there. Forgive yourself. Love gives grace, even to ourselves.

Brittany said...

All of us mommys have our days like that. You are a brave woman and I admire you for admitting it. Lots of moms hide the fact that they get overwhelmed sometimes and sometimes its best if you just get it out. Your family knows whats in your heart. Its hard being a mommy whether some people want to believe it or not. Its harder than any job I have ever had but its the most rewarding one as well. Your a great mom and wife girl ! =)