Saturday, September 5, 2009

MJ's Birth Story Pt 2

Ok where was I?

Oh yea i had just ate some fattening, grease filled Mickey D's and was headed back to the hospital.

On the way we called the plethora of people that we needed to inform of my impending pain. Including my cousin and my sister who both were to be present at the birth.

We got back to the hospital and checked in at about 2:45. I was still not having any contractions and was rather happy with how things were going thus far. Although i did not really want to be induced I felt like i didn't have much of a choice. My doctor said that is what needed to be done so that is what we did.
As soon as they got me in the room here comes the nice nurse with all the paper work to be signed. Emergency c-section paper...check! Circumcision paper...check! Release forms, acknowledgement papers, will (ok not a will but you get the point)...check!

Next came all the fun stuff. The immediately put in an IV with fluids and antibiotics. When i ask why the antibiotics were needed, I was told because i tested positive for Group B Strep with my first child (but i did not with MJ) so it was just a precaution. I was not very happy about the unneeded antibiotics but once again the doctor said so and i would do anything for my baby's health.

Then they took my blood and hooked up the pitocin. All of this was done and the pitocin drip was started on a low dose at about 4pm. I was still really comfortable and managed to take a small nap before friends and family started to show up. At around 7pm my sister and cousin both got there and hung out as most everyone else had gone home (its not fun to just hang around with a woman in labor).

I was having mild contractions but still not really feeling them. The doctor decided to check me and i was about 6 cm so they broke my water at 8pm and cranked up my pitocin. Every 15 mins after that my nurse came in and ask me if i was feeling the contractions yet.

Dumb, dumb, dumb me always replyed not really (which was not a lie but i should have just shut up) and she would crank it up again. Finally at about 9pm they had the drip set on 400+ml per hour and i was beginning to feel it bad.

By 9:20 i was screaming for an epidural. No back labor this time just too much pitocin too fast and it felt like my uterus was being ripped out of my body. She checked me and said i was still at 6.5 cm and then called the anesthesiologist. By 9:40 they had finished my epidural.

But wait what is this! I feel the sudden urge to push. My epidural hasn't even fully kicked in yet!

I tell my sweet nurse (and i am not being sarcastic she was young and very nice) that i need to push and this was her response.
"You cant be ready. Your just feeling pressure. Here have some more meds in your spine."
She reaches over me and presses the button about 5 times and my whole lower half goes warm!

I look at her and laugh. I still need to push i said in a not so polite way. So she checks me again and is floored. I mean literally her jaw dropped to the floor and bounced back up.
In the 20 mins between when she checked me and they finished my epidural i had went from 6.5 to 10 and ready to push.

We called in my cousin and sister so we could get this baby out.
Just for the sake of mentioning, this was the first live birth my sister had seen and i am pretty sure it will be her last.
At 9:50 i began to push. Since we all know i am a pro-pusher from Phabian's birth story, you can guess it didn't take long.

At 10:01 pm Marcus Eugene Jr made his way into this world.

In attendance was myself, my husband, my cousin, my sister, 4 residents, 2 nurses, and 1 doctor!

I was happy that they didn't have to cut me this time around and I managed by with just a micro tear.
They of course swept him away as soon as he was out and over to the warming table where he was not at all happy being cleaned up.

My poor sister looked like a streaky faced ghost! My husband once again was a proud Papa of a healthy 6lb 2 oz, 18 3/4 in long baby boy.

When i finally got him in my arms he took straight to the breast.

I was so overjoyed that i didn't even notice the fact that my epidural had really kicked in now and i could not feel anything from under my boobs down.

The nurse politely escorted everyone out and after MJ has nuzzled at my breast for about an hour she took him to the nursery and me to my post partum room so i could rest for a bit before his next feeding time.

MJ's birth was a lot less stressful than Phabian's mainly because i was not a new mom but a more experienced one. I knew what to expect and i was not as easily panicked. My nurse was a doll up until the end and i wasn't starving the whole time.

I had a new red haired, brown eyed, daddy-looking, baby boy. He made and still makes me smile everyday. I could not and would not give him up for anything in the whole world. He is so unique and so special.

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Brittany said...

Your birth story here sounds just like mine. They didnt believe me when I told them I had to push and were completely floored when I had went for 7 to 10 in a matter of 20 minutes !!
What a great story !! I love it ! Cant wait to read Siones !!!!