Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birth Plans And Other Randomness

I have very specific birth plans.

I decided before we conceived Sione' exactly what i wanted my birth experience to be like.

I knew i wanted an all natural birth at the birth center. I would have choosen a home birth but my pregnancy insurance will not cover it which is a whole other post.

I also knew i wanted the least amount of intervention i could possibly have. This means i dont want my water broken, i dont want any drug intervention (other than antibiotics for GBS if i should have it or need it or any life saving measures), and i dont want the baby stripped away from me as soon as he is out as they tend to do in the hospital.

I have all these plans but they all depend on one thing...Sione'! Will he participate with my plans? Will he be head down (they will not allow breech births which once again is another post), will my labor progress natrually without the aid of pitocin, will he be too big to come out, will he come out too soon? All things that i have no control over.

It is very very scary to not know that what i want so bad will happen. I at this point am not so much stressed about it as i am just hoping and wishing.

I know all things happen for a reason and if he is not meant to come via my birth plan than God had a plan laid out before mine was ever decided. I just want this experience so bad and i hope Sione' and God are both on the same track with me.

In other news i know i have not posted a picture in awhile. I honestly have not even picked up my camera in over a week. Weird for me but i have just been busy running around like a chicken with a cut off head trying to get things in order.

I promise i will have a midwife update and some 34 week belly shots tomorrow.

I really need to get the baby's clothes washed. My dryer has been eating stuff lately and it leaves horrible rust stains and rips in clothes so i have been washing things here and drying them at my MIL's house (she lives right around the cornor).

I have got the play yard/bassinet set up now. The organizer is filled with diapers and wipes. We still need to buy some of the basics like rash creme, shampoo, lotion, and such. We have a plethra of diapers thanks to al the wonderful people at my shower but will probably end up buying some more newborn as my kids are "usually" small lol.

I am feeling odd today. Not really sick or well just that in between where i am functioning. With 6 weeks left to go my body is dragging and tired. I think Sione' (crossing my fingers and assuming he stays this way) is head down. I have been feeling a lot of pressure the last few days and I am thinking of having my Midwife check me tomorrow just incase.

I dont want to take any risks. With MJ i was dilated 5 cm with no contractions and no idea (started dilating at 36 weeks). My worst fear is Sione' making a far too early apperence. Although dilating with no contrations might seem a blessing to some it is a worry for me as it leave me with no idea how far a long i am.

So i guess this is enough rambling and random thoughts for today. I just needed to clear my head!


Mom24 said...

I hope everything goes well. You have a plan, that's wonderful. Now, my best advice: let go of the plan. Hopefully most things will go according to plan, but it is out of everyone's hands, especially yours. Try to relax and go with it, however things happen. I know you know it, the most important thing in the end is healthy baby, healthy mom.

All that being said, I really do hope you get the birth you wish for. It sounds wonderful.

Brittany said...

See girl I was right the opposite. I had bad contractions but no dilation !!! But I understand your worry you want him to cook for as long as possible !!!! I cant wait for the midwife update and I really hope you get the birth you wanted. I had the birth I wanted minus the magnesium !! That stuff is the DEVIL !!! Lol