Monday, September 21, 2009

In Which I Say Nothing

I really wish i could come to you today with a cute story about what the kids have done today or a inspiring tale of some deep learning or knowledge, but today is not going to be that day.

Today has just been one of those days where i feel lost. Not only when it comes to what to blog about, but just about everything.

I thought i was getting over my sickness/Bronchitis from last week but in all actuality it just went from Bronchitis to a Sinus Infection.

I don't know about you but i can deal with a cough much better than i can deal with a clogged up head. Everything is foggy and it is like i am trying to think and instead i just sit here with this blank look on my face.

Prime example of my groggy, foggy head.

Earlier around 2:30:

Phabian: Mama! Mama can i have something to drink?

Me: Sure honey. What do you want to drink water or milk?

Phabian: Can I have chocolate milk?

Me: Yea just give me a minute.

An hour later:

Phabian: Mama! MAMA! I thought you were gunna get me some chocolate milk.

Me: I am honey i ask you to hold a minute.

Phabian: I been holdin forever!

I finally realized my few minutes had turned into almost an hour. I felt horrible. I really did not realize that an hour had passed.

I wish i had some great excuse for my neglect but no. I was just sitting at the desk staring at a half empty email box.

This is how it has been all day.

My head is hurting. I can not bend over because it makes my whole head throb (which is going to make bath time fun). My nose can not or will not stop running/stuffing/being raw from blowing.


Dear God,
Please let 8 hurry up and get here so i can put my dear, sweet, forgiving children to bed. And if you can find the time could you please make the echo in my ear drums stop.
With All The Appreciation I Can Muster,

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