Monday, September 7, 2009

Beautiful Little Lady

I can not believe that this beautiful little girl will be 1 in a little over a month. How time has flown by watching her grow. She is walking now but still prefers to crawl because it gets her there faster.

She is giggly and happy but also can show you her temper if she does not get her way.

She loves to climb on anything that will hold still long enough and i must say she had a great time last night playing with my camera (which believe it or not she hates having her picture taken, but after exploring the camera for herself i managed to get some good smiles out of her).

She is spoiled rotten and the apple of her Mommy and Big Sisters eyes'.

She is one of the most entertaining babies i have ever known. She always loves to play a game of catch me if you can and usually wins because your are laughing too hard.

She knows no food that she will not try and her rolls make me wanna melt.

I can not wait for her to meet her little cousin Sione' and for her to teach him all her mischievous ways. I am sure they will be just as close (after she warms up to him) as her older sister and Phabian are.

As fast as it has flown by i can not wait to continue to watch her grow and learn. I am sure the next year will be full of milestones for us all and i hope i can be able to capture a few here and there.

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