Friday, September 4, 2009

MJ's Birth Story Pt 1

I have been putting off writing this for awhile now and not because it is a complicated story but because i just could not find a way to word it.
MJ's birth story does not have a big lead up like Phabian's did so i am instead trying to remember what we did in the days leading up to his birth.

I guess it really starts about a month before his birth...

Just as a back story so you can get a real understanding i will start when i was about 5 month pregnant.

We moved from my Dad's house where we had been living since we got married and finally got our own apartment. It was in a little town and tucked away back in the mountains about a 15 to 20 minute drive from all my friends and most of my family.

I made friends with my neighbor who had a little girl 13 months older than Phabian (which is ironic since MJ and Phabian are 13 months apart), but still i felt isolated from the world.

I was a good 1/2 mile walk to the nearest little shop and since i didn't drive that was too far for a pregnant woman of my out of shapeness. Marcus was still working security so he spent many late nights and evenings at work and i was stranded in the middle of nowhere literally!

I rarely got visits from friends since no one wanted to make the drive to see me and i just felt alone most of the time. So i told Marcus that we had to move before MJ was born. I was terrified of being stuck there in that small town dealing with Post Partum Depression as i did with Phabian.

About 1 month prior to his birth we got a call from the apartment complex we had been on a waiting list for and happily took the new place. Needless to say moving right before the birth of a brand new baby is stressful and tiring.

So here we are in this new apartment and i am trying to get things all settled in and arranged. I was having lots of little Braxton Hicks Contractions but nothing serious or major. It was just a waiting game and walking seemed to be my only cure.

I walked a lot. Up and down the stairs to the laundry room, up and down to the playground, up and down to the store. This became a daily pattern. Labor never bored its ugly head.

So imagine my surprise when i went to my 38 week appointment and the doctor announced to me and my husband that i was 5cm dilated!

5 CM DILATED???? But i have not had any real contractions! My water hasn't broke! Are you sure you are feeling correctly down there???

He informed me that it is hospital policy that i must be induced since i am so far along (dilation wise). I asked him if there was any way we could avoid it and he said no that i could go home and arrange a sitter for my other child but to return immediately and they would be ready for me.

So learning from my previous mistake with Phabian, I left and went to the nearest McDonald's and ordered a Big Mac, Biggie Fry, and Large Coke so i would not starve in the process of birth. Phabian was already with his Granny so that was taken care of. I grabbed my things and off to the hospital we went making many calls on the way there to inform everyone of the shocking news.

Part 2 tomorrow, but for now here is the last preggo pic i have of me and MJ.


Mom24 said...

I laughed and laughed at the idea of you going to McDonalds. Good for you! I hope it didn't come back to haunt you.

It must have been hard to be so isolated. I hope it's easier now where you are.

Brittany said...

Oh gosh I was induced at 38 weeks but my doctors office is connected to the hospital so they wheeled me over from there so I had no time to get me Mcdonalds... oh how I wish I had. I was STARVING ! Thay did let me eat before starting the induction but gosh I didnt get to eat enough to last 23 hours worth lol !
This sounds alot like my birth story cause we were in the process of moving when I was having Kaci. It is VERY stressful. Cant wait to hear the rest of the story !!!!