Saturday, August 8, 2009

Phabian's Birth Story Pt 1...

So i have put a lot of thought into Hospital vs Birthing Center and Midwife vs Doctor. It is something i have thought about since i became pregnant with Phabian. Unfortunately my thoughts didn't transfer over into a plan until this 3rd pregnancy. But this post is not about plans so much as it is what made me get my butt in gear and choose the plan i have this time around.

I have wrote before about how i wanted my pregnancy and birth to go with Phabian but never really elaborated as to how it did go. I have been reading a lot of birth stories lately and thought i might share mine as well.

The story really starts on March 8th 2005. Hubby and I had just got our income taxes back and decided to go get some last minute stuff to prepare for the birth of our first child. We did not have a camera or a printer for the computer so off we went to Wally World (other wise known by people as the evil corrupt Wal-Mart). We walked gazing at all the precious baby boy outfits and gadgets, that as all first time mother's find out, are not as important as you think they are.

After an hour of browsing the clothes and toys (and picking out some cute little outfits) we made out way over to the electronics department.

Now i will add in here that my due date was not until March 30th so i had no worry of early labor. It is common knowledge that first time mom's have long labors and often go past their due date. So when i started having contractions on the way to pick out a camera i didn't think another thought about it. I just figured they were Braxton Hicks or something of that nature.

We spent another hour picking out the perfect (cheap) camera and a printer that was good enough to print out pictures of Phabian once he arrived. By the time we left i had stopped having contractions but my back was in agony. I just gave it up to standing on my feel for 2 hours and walking all over God's green earth.

You know big belly + bad posture = back pain.

By the time we got home my back was in knots. I went and took a long, hot shower just letting the steamy water beat on my back. When i got out i felt 100 times better. So i figured the first pictures taken on our new camera should be of my big, beautiful 37 week pregnant self, and boy oh boy am i glad we did.

This would be the last decent image we got of me pregnant with Phabian.

At 4am i woke up and was wet. I thought i had peed on myself (cause you all know you have had the infamous potty dreams and couple that with lack of bladder control when your pregnant...yea you get the idea) so i got up changed clothes and went to the bathroom. I crawled back in bed and fell quickly back to sleep.

I awoke again at 4:30 wet. This time it struck me as odd. So i woke myself up fully and went to the bathroom to discover light pink blood when i wiped and a lack of control over the fluid that seemed to be leaking out of me.

I flipped out and ran to the bedroom, flipped on the lights, woke up my hubby (who needless to say was not happy) and made him sniff the tp. Yes you read that right! I made my half asleep husband smell the light pink, bloody, used tp. I needed his opinion as to whether or not it smelled like pee or not. He confirmed what i already knew at the time. It indeed did not smell like pee. My water had broke!!!

The next hour seems like a blur to me. I changed clothes again, gathered my things, and called the hospital who told me to come in asap. No waiting on contractions, no laboring for awhile at home, just get in the car and come now.

And so we did. If only i knew then what i know now. We arrived at the hospital at 7:45 am and although i was having contractions i was soon to find out that back pain isnt just always regular back pain when your pregnant.

Pt 2 tomorrow!

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Brittany said...

I had back labor and it SUCKED !! I love this story I can't wait to hear(read) the rest lol. Sorry I have been M.I.A. lately sorry Kaci is keeping me busy with her teething !!