Thursday, August 6, 2009

Web Culprit

I got up at 6:30 as always to have my 30 *uninterrupted* mins before the kids get up. When i walked through the dinning room to go to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee i walked through a spider web. IN MY DINNING ROOM! At that point i was not awake enough to terrorize myself by turning on the light to look for the web culprit so i got my coffee and sat at the computer trying not to think about it. When Phabian got up at 7 i turned the dinning room light on to see a Texas sized web that stretched from ceiling fan to floor (with a huge hole in it from my body) and on the fan i saw a huge spider (like the size of a quarter). I immediately went into panic mode. I tried to stay calm as i did not want to make the kids upset but i was terrified!

So i grabbed the broom and removed the web and tried to kill the spider with it but the darn thing kept moving to where i could not reach it. Finally i called Marcus at work almost in tears (yes i have a bit of arachnophobia) and he told me to go get the spray bottle of bleach and try to spray it. So for 5 mins on the phone with him i cried and whined and sprayed this damn spider. Then i informed him that if i couldn't kill it before he got home i would not be here, i would be at him moms. Finally about 2 mins after i hung up the phone the spider started its decent to the carpet where i finally was able to kill it with a shoe.

What made it all the more humorous was the fact that i was making this Kung Foo type scream (still trying not to scare the kids) while chopping at this quarter sized spider with a rather large (my husband's) size 13 shoe. The kids got a good laugh at it for the next 30 mins as they reenacted *Mommy's craziness*! And it was hard for me not to laugh with them (you know since it was over with now).

So needless to say i have had a *GREAT* morning so far.

Since i did not get any pictures of this above stated craziness i will give you some pictures of my huge, 26 week pregnant, whale of a self.


Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

I love the little face-maker in the last pic! So cute!

You're looking great!

And holy crap, I'm not terrified of spiders, but I'd be peeing if I walked into a web that big!

Brittany said...

That is so freaking funny !!!!!!! I am the same way about spiders I am terrified !! In other things your belly is awesome ! gosh only 14 more weeks ? And you usually go early right? Oh my gosh it is going by so freaking fast !!!