Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is This How It Goes?

I have been told a million times that tossing and turning during pregnancy (aka pregnancy insomnia) is your body preparing for a newborn.

So here is my question to you (and this might be TMI and kinda rhetorical)...

If pregnancy insomnia is your body's way of preparing you for having a newborn and a million sleepless night, is constipation your pregnant body's way of preparing you to push out your baby?

Just a thought!


Laura McIntyre said...

LOL never thought of it that way but you may just be onto something

Brittany said...

Constipation is the devil !!!!! And to answer your question I think it is lol. And prepare you for the beer can sized hemorrhoids you get from pushing the huge child out lol ! But, it is worth it of course !