Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not Just Because I'm Pregnant

So i have this cold appetizer that is one of my favorite. It involves some regular ingredients that when put together make most people go HUH?

My Aunt Kay had these at a party one time about 8 years ago and we have been making them ever since. They are salty, creamy, savory, and plain, out right YUMMY!

Do you wanna know what they are? ya???????

Ok i guess i will share. They are Pickle Cream Cheese Rolls and they are the best thing ever!

These little yummies may not look good but man do they make my mouth water. It really is an easy little finger food to make for any occasion. All you need is ham (the kind that is rectangular and sold by the bologna), cream cheese (whipped works better as it is easier to spread and you can get the yummy flavors to add an extra punch), and large pickles (i get the big gallon jar of deli pickles).

Make sure you dry both the ham and the pickles off thoroughly or it will make for a not as attractive finish (as seen above lol because i was too impatient).

Take one slice of ham and spread the cream cheese as evenly as possible over the ham from end to end, corner to corner making sure it is completely covered.

Take your dry pickle and place it on one end of the ham and roll the ham around the pickle. Since the pickle is dry the cream cheese should act as like a glue securing the ham to the pickle.

Take a sharp knife and slice almost like you would a sushi roll just not as thick (probably about a 1/4 in. thick but what ever looks right to you). I prefer to trim off the ends first and eat them while i work but that's just me hehe.

Place the sliced product on a plate and wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate until chilled (you can eat them as soon as they are finished but i like them chilled better).

I promise as weird as these might sound they are quite delicious and it isn't just because i am pregnant i promise.


Lisanne said...

Hmm. I don't know, Courtney! LOL! :) I might have to try them just once to see what you're talking about ... I know the kids would LOVE these because they adore pickles! Thanks for sharing!

Laura McIntyre said...

Personally i hate pickles , yuck yuck yuck . Love the idea of trying with something else though. Any idea what might work?