Thursday, August 13, 2009

Midwife Update - 27 Weeks

I had a Midwife appointment today. I am officially 27 weeks which means i only have 13 more weeks (or less AHHHHH) to go.

Here are some of the stats and then i will tell you how i have been feeling.

Weight: 216, which means i have gained 8 lbs in 6 weeks. The good thing is i am still only +10 lbs overall. WOOHOO!
BP: 104/70
Baby's HR: 152
Measurements: I am 27 weeks and measuring 30 weeks (wow)! This is a first for me as i never measured ahead wit either of the boys. I always measured right on or slightly below. Sione is looking to be a big baby!

So i have been complaining a lot lately. I am enjoying every second of this pregnancy, i promise, but it is extremely different than my first 2 pregnancies. For that matter if my pregnancy with Phabian had gone like this one than this might be my 2nd pregnancy not my 3rd.

My pregnancies with Phabian and MJ were highly easy and enjoyable. I was never uncomfortable til the very end and i didn't have much to complain about (other than back pain and swollen feet which i think i complained about before i ever got pregnant anyways).

This pregnancy has been the complete opposite (which maybe has something to do with this apparently huge baby [see above measurements]). My sides feel like he is going to bust out! He is head down which was confirmed today by the position of his heartbeat (which i already knew from the pressure in my crotch), so i don't really understand why it feels like he is busting my sides open.

I have heartburn now 24/7 which would be cool if i could take Tums but now Tums make me absolutely sick. The midwife suggested that i start taking Pepcid ac instead. I will give it a try and hope for the best as i can not take waking up 5 times a night to chew on chalk.

Speaking of waking up 5 times a night. I can not sleep through the night. I have horrible pregnancy insomnia this time around. I normally go to bed around 11pm and wake up every 2 hours looking at the clock. Then i am up at 5 to pee because once again i have a huge baby bouncing on my bladder. I go back to sleep only to get up at 6:30 to start my morning routine! It is torture. I just want one straight night of sleep before i have Sione here to act a smy personal alarm clock.

So that is enough whining i guess lol, although i could go on and on.

On some more positive notes, i love to feel this little guy move. He is so active and loves to tumble around and kick my belly, sides, kidney's, bladder, spleen, or what ever else he finds amusing.

I love love love love my midwives. They are some of the most caring and intellient women i have ever met. If i would not have to move to a different state to attend school i would so consider becoming a midwife myself. They are a great group of women and always treat me wit the up most respect, even answer some of my more dumb questions with a smile and pleasant ora.

So that is how it is all going. Wish i had a picture or something for ya but no luck today.


casual friday every day said...

You're ALMOST there! Okay, so maybe not almost, but you're getting very close. :)


Brittany said...

Oh gosh I feel your pain. You are describing exactly how I felt my whole pregnant. 13 more weeks just keep telling yourself !!!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I'm excited it's going so well!!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Praying for you....This summer has been so crazy that I have not visited some of my favorite blogs often. I always enjoy stopping by yours. Have a Happy Sunday! I have a giveaway going through Monday morning.

Teena in Toronto said...


Happy blogoversary!