Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Wish I Knew...

Why i have been a big ball of water works this past week.

I swear to you i have been crying over everything.

Good, bad, sweet, sad, ugly, pretty.

It has all made me bust into tears at one point or another.

Last night after Hubby and I were cuddled up in bed we started to talk.

It was one of those talks that you wish you could have every day.

You know the ones...

So intiment, deep, and emotion filled. Where truth is the only thing that matters and so you just lay your heart out there on the line and wait to see what happens next.

We talked for almost two hours. About everything from silly stuff to the more serious.

We laughed, I cried, we hugged and kissed.

In the end i discovered that i love him more then any words could ever express. We could talk til we are blue in the face and nothing i could ever say could mean as much as my heart feels.

Today he took the kids to the grocery store while i slept in.

When he got back he walked into the bed room and put a bracelet on my wrist. It is one of those little fake gold plastic things that you get for 50 cent out of the bubble gum machine.

I cried and thanked him. Because for me it isn't about the price or the show, but about the meaning. The simple fact of the "I was thinking of you".

I don't know how much longer these water works are going to last. And i don't know if i care. Because today, and for the rest of my life, i have the best man in the world to wipe the fallen drops away.

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Mom24 said...

Glad you've got him. Hope life gets less soggy soon. Hang in there, it will get easier.