Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sione' - 10 and 11 Months

Oh my dear sweet boy,

Where has the time gone? Can it really be possible that in just a months time you will be 1? When? How? Why?

It seems like just yesterday i had you. Now you are 11 months old and getting so big.

 Can we talk about those curls? Those beautiful, bouncy, shiny, curls! They make your Mama want to do a little dance. I just want to eat them up they are so delicious! You just couldn't be any more edible if you were actually made of chocolate. What really gets me is the little bitty tight curls right on the back of your little neck. They just make me squeal. Now if only you liked having your hair brushed all would be good.

That face! Can we talk about that face! Those eyes and that smile and those 4 little teeth! Yes 4! Almost 6 as you seem to have another 2 trying to break on in. I have a very very hard time telling you no. You look at me with those big deep eyes and give me that beautiful toothy smile and i just melt into a big pile of Mama Goo. I use to think i ran this house but now i know the truth. You! It's all under your control.

You are so big! Bigger than either of your brothers every thought to be at your age. You weight 25lbs and are 30 ins tall. Only half a foot shorter than MJ is at almost 5. You couldn't look more like your Daddy if you were his twin. You are walking, no wait, running like a pro. You can climb up, on, over anything that you can get a grip on. I fully expect to find you spinning from the ceiling fan any day now. You definitely give Mama a good workout.

You eat anything given to you. I can not complain that you are picky. And as much as we have tried we can not wrangle you away from that Binky. Oh well with time you will let it go. You are a great napper and sleeper. So much better than the days past. I enjoy every minute of you, even when you are cranky and mad. Life with you and your brothers is so exciting. You all show me something new everyday and make me feel blessed to the max.

You love your brothers so much and they you. You play with them every day and love your time with them. You love to chase them or ride with them in their cars. You play peek a boo with them and bang on the pots and pans to make a band of 3. It is truly music to my ears to hear such laughter and joy from the 3 of you.

I really truly hope this last month moves more slowly. I cant imagine you turning one and i am not ready yet. So please baby boy, for Mama's sake, slow down. Take your time growing up. And always remember...

I love you more then life.

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Mom24 said...

He's just too precious. I can not believe that much time has passed! Where does it go?