Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Me

I have lost 15lbs in the last 2 months. No real clue how i have done it other than puttin in the work. I have been going to the gym at the recreation center while the kids are at football practice. So that is 4 times a week i am gettin my butt in the gym. I have been trying to eat at least 3 meals plus a snack a day. I am not a big breakfast eater so it is hard to make myself eat it. Plus i was sick for 2 weeks so i am sure that aided in the weight loss lol.

So since i lost this weight and plan to continue to lose more weight til i am back to my pre-3-baby weight, i also decided that i needed a new hair cut. I decided short and easy would be best and yesterday i did it. i must say i absolutely LOVE IT!

 This is right out of the shower.

 5 minutes later...

 after a little gel...

 i am styled....

and ready to roll!

With 3 kids i cant tell you how much of a time saver it is to just be able to shower, towel dry, and gel. I am done in 5 mins and ready to do what ever i need to get accomplished. No fussing with hairdryers, straightners, or anything else. Just wash, gel, go!

So this is the start to the new me. I am excited to see how my journey is going to go. I am trying to change a lot more than just the physical, but once you feel good with the outside it helps to have confidence in everything else.

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Mom24 said...

Yay you! Congrats on the new outlooks, the weight loss and the awesome haircut!