Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sione' - 6 Months

Dear Cuddle Bug,

Mommy has been so excited to see all your new growth in the last month. Even the last few weeks have been really exciting with all the milestones.

You now weight around 20 pounds and are 26 inches tall. You are so chunky and I just wanna eat you up. You are eating 3 meals a day. You love your cereal in the morning mixed with some fruit. Which is about the only way i can get you to eat your fruit. Weird for a baby to not like fruit but you are your own unique boy.

Your favorite foods include peas (which are your absolute favorite), sweet potatoes, and mixed veggies. Fruit is a little hit and miss. We have tried them all and right now i can tell you that you hate bananas but love pineapple with pears and applesauce. owever you tried bananas with apples and pears and like that so maybe it is just straight bananas you dont like.

You are sitting up and crawling now. You are all over the place. Keeping you still is not an option anymore. You discovered grass the other day on a trip to the park and are now obsessed with it. You like to get into crawling position and put your mouth down to it like a cow. You are a fast little booger too. You have even decided that laying down to eat your bottle is too much stillness and that you need to eat sitting up so as not to miss a thing.

You are still trying to cut your first tooth but not being very nice about it. You can be a bit of a grouch especially in the evenings but over all you are still a very smiley baby. You enjoy attention and steal it whenever you can. You like to be held by anyone how is willing but you are also starting to know the differenc ebetween people you know and strangers. You often will give strangers very odd looks before giving them that grand toothless smile.

Your favorite thing to play with is MJ's cars. I suppose you like the bright colors but you more or less want to chew on them. I suppose the hard cold metal feels good on your gums or maybe you just like the taste of dirt.

You are becoming very vocal and it isnt all screaming and crying. You have started to make conversation type sounds like dadadada and ahahahaha. We often go back and forth "ah"ing at each other til you end the conversation with a high pitched scream or giggle. It makes my day to have these baby talk conversations with you.

This has been the fastest 6 months of my life. You are growing up so fast and i wish i could slow the time down and enjoy every last second to its fullest. I know i willmiss the days when you just wanted me to hold you all day because i already miss the dependence you once had on me. You like your independent time now and i love to watch you, but a part of me yearns for time to stop and just let me rejoice in all your baby glory.

I love you my little bug. You have brought sunshine to my life through your smile and warmth through your giggles. You are and always will be my littlest buggy.


Mom24 said...

So sweet Courtney, I can't believe it's been 6 months!

He has gorgeous eyes.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

He's such a sweet little thing! I think it's great he loves grass. Sayer acts like it burns him. (caly did that too) Lovely tribute here! He'll treasure this when he's grown.