Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey...Over Here...Yes It's Me

I am alive! I know are you shocked? I have been gone for so long. Busy busy busy I have been!

Lets see where do i start!

The boys started teeball last month and are loving every minute of it. Phabian really enjoys running the bases and no matter what happens he has a surprisingly great attitude about it. MJ is not as happy all the time. If he doesnt get to hit the ball when he wants he gets mad. When his team heads into the field he always comes over to sit with us. Over all thought he enjoys it and i think by next year he will truly be into it like Phabian is now.

We just got back from vacation. We went to Myrtle Beach, SC for a week and it was wonderful. The weekend was spent talking and eating with extended family as it was our family reunion. I have family all over but most of then came from Tennessee. It was great to see everyone and all though we are all so very different in our beliefs and ways of life it is nice to connect and get to learn things about one another.

After they left on Sunday we spent the rest of our time with my Aunts. They had paid for the room and it was fantastic. It was a 3 bedroom suiet. It happened to be on the 16th floor and had the most beautiful ocean view i have ever seen. I took a lot of pictures of the view; both of sunrise and night. The sun rising on the water and the moon making a silver streach were 2 of the most magnificent things i have ever witnessed.

I however forgot the camera for most of our family excursions. We took the kids to the Ripley's Aquarium and how i wish i had picture of that to share but as most of you have probably seen an aquarium at some point you can use your imaginations. I was glad to be in the moment instead of behind it for once. The kids really enjoyed it for the most part. MJ was rather scared of the underwater tunnel. He thought the sharks were going to fall through but got over it quickly enough and enjoyed the rest of his time there. Phabian being my little Marine Biologist loved every second. Petting the sting rays was by far his favorite and i had to hold him still to keep him from falling inthe water to swim with them lol.

My husband and i snuck away a few times by ourselves. We went out for drinks one night and then for a little private walk on the beach at night. Once there on the beach far down from our hotel he stopped me and dropped to one knee. Yes my sweet, romantic, loving husband ask me to marry him again. He said he wants to be married on that beach under the hotel's gazebo. It is beautiful and i do have a picture of that to share later. He stunned me and made me cry of course but it couldnt have been more perfect. To know the man that i married still loves me enough to want to do it all over again is an amazing and powerful feeling.

We spent a good deal of our time at the indoor pool. The ocean was freezing and the outdoor pools were not much better so indoor was the way to go. It was on the second floor overlooking the ocean and it was heated but the cool breeze was let in by balconies. It was spectacular. Phabian is on the verge of swimming on his own. The whole pool was only 3 ft deep so he was able to take off his lifevest and go onhis own. By the time we left he was doing back flips and front flips in the water and swimming with his snorkle gear we bought him. He really is a fish in the water my little Picese. Mj is much more concervative and spent a good deal of time in the luke warm hot tub (there were 2, one that was really hot and one that was luke warm). He loved the bubbles created by the jets and proclaimed that it was a big bubble bath.

Mr. Sione' enjoyed every minute of his attention. He loved the pools and his young cousins from New Hampshire enjoyed holding and spoiling him. Not so great now that we are home and i dont want to be holding him all the time but he enjoyed it then atleast. He also enjoyed the pool. He is a natural swimmer and with only the slightest hand to hold him up was doggy paddeling around the pool. It amazed me. I have never seen a baby do such a thing but it was brillant to watch. He also loved to fall asleep on our hotel balcony listening to the waves crash on the shore. Who could blame the little guy as even i have to admit it was very calming to the senses.

We aalso took the boys to play Putt Putt and wasnt that fun. It was the hottest day there and we all were sweating and steaming by the time we were done with our 18 holes of pirate funny. MJ however did not like the rules of the game and would move his ball constantly to where he thought it should have landed. It was so much fun to just be with them in those moments.

My Grandma celebrated her 83rd birthday while we were there. She says she doesnt feel much older and who can blame her when she is surrounded by the youth of her great-grandchildren. She has survived so much in her life and i love her so much.

We made it home safe and sound after getting treated to a storm and a double rainbow on our last day there. I have some beautiful pics as soon as i get them on the comp and loaded i will be sharing.

Now it is back to everyday life. School, kids, cooking, cleaning, teeball games, and soon football season will be upon us. Man life is moving so fast and i am finding it harder and harder to keep up.

I will be back soon with pics from vacation and Sione's 6 month update. Til then i hope you all are having a wonderful time enjoying what life has to offer.


Mom24 said...

Great to see you back. :) I think of you so often, but know you're busy living life and enjoying those 3 boys.

It's wonderful you got to get away and have a great vacation. I'm happy for you. Hope it sustains you for a long time.

Laura McIntyre said...

LOvely post and great to hear an update, your hubby is the sweetest guy . So romantic

Glad to hear you all had a great vacation ,sounds perfect

Lisanne said...

Aww! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip! SO sweet about your hubby proposing all over again! Are you going to have a vow renewal ceremony, then?