Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life Moves Along (In Which I Ramble)

So life is chugging along as normal. Kids are growing, and Hubby is working. Life is moving on.

I cleaned out my reader yesterday. It was cluttered and full. I had 1000s of unread post and a ton of blogs that i havent even looked at in over a year. So i did what i needed to do. I earsed a lot of the blogs on my list and then did a mass delete of post so i could start fresh. I woke this morning with only 52 blog posts to read through.

Sometimes this whole blog thing runs away with me. I get so caught up in other people stories that i want nothing more than to read through a blog day in and out. I spend far too much time sitting at the computer. I just feel at home behind this screen. I feel like people know me and understand me here.

Real life can be cruel and people can be rude and uninteresting. Here in the blog world there is always a story to read. Always a person you can relate to. And despite the occasional rude person everyone can get along on the most basic levels of human need. We build communities and friendships that we would have never found just down the street.

I have been deep into a lot of books. I just finished The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. It was a beautiful story of how the human body and soul needs someone to believe in. How sometimes the truth can be worse than not knowing at all. How we all in the end have the same fear of not being loved.

I just started reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. It is good so far but i am only about 30 pages in. The main character (the boy lol) reminds me a lot of myself as a teen. Looking for purpose. In and out of trouble. I have a feeling this book is going to be a great read.

I have been in laundry mode for 3 days now. Our washer had broke about a month ago and so the only time we could get laundry done was on Hubby's day off at his Mom's when we didnt have anything else we were suppose to do (which isnt often). We had so much backed up laundry that when we did go to my MIL's we only had time to do the essentials which left a lot of other stuff needing to be washed. Now that we finally got a new washer (and dryer) i have been stuck doing laundry for days. It really kind sucks.

I have also been trying to get the house in order. We were planning on moving but that is a whole other post unto itself. So i have been cleaning inbetween folding and washing and dying drying. I bought a new Dyson Vacuum (not the ball as so many peple ask) and it is the new highlight of my day lol. I am amazed at how much dust and crap my old vacuum missed. It has a washable filter which is a big money saver and a huge plus.

I am sick of the snow! Plum fed up to my scalp with white puffiness. It has snowed at least 3 days a week for what seems like forever. It warms up just long enough to melt the last fallen snow before the next storm comes through and blankets us again. I feel like i am stuck in a snowglobe and once a week a head strong child comes through and turns it upside down dumping a ton six inches or more all over again. The kids miss 3 days make up one on what should have been a off day (Presidents Day) and then miss 3 more. At this rate they are never going to see a Summer break cause they will still be making up snow days.

On a brighter note Spring is just right around the cornor. With it comes the hope of warmer weather, bright blossoms, fruity smells , and soft breezes. We can end this cabin fever and emerge ourselves in the beauty of nature.

Phabian will be 5 in a little over 2 weeks and i dont think i am ready for it. I am not ready for my first born to be a number that sounds so grown. He will be starting a whole new phase in his life soon and i cringe at the thought of him not being my little baby/toddlers/preschooler. He corrects me now if i call him a little boy. He says he is a big boy and it breaks my heart.

Oh yea my birthday was the 9th. I treated myself with hubby's money got treated to a complete day to myself. I got my hair cut and styled, my nails manicured and polished, my body massaged (oh yea it was as good as it sounds), and the was taken to a movie (The Lovely Bones which i dont think i would have liked as much if i hadnt read the book first). It was a crazy day. I had my favorite lunch, a ruben from Penn Station. That was a late lunch which is why we didnt go out to dinner.

My sister had her party (her birthday is the 14th) (Yes Valentines Day and yes it sucks for her just as bad as most Christmas babies) on the 11th. We ate at the best Sushi place in town with a bunch of friends and then went out to a pub and had a few drinks. It was a great night.

V-Day was nothing real special. Hubby had to work although he did call me from work to tell me he loved me and Happy Valentines Day. When he got home he had bought me a beautiful bouque of yellow roses. I have pictues that i will try to share eventually.

The baby has been sick for the last few days. His little nose is stopped up because he hates the sucker and he cant breathe real good. So it has been a few nights of hell torture crying loving my cuddle bug so he can fall asleep. I really do feel bad for him and i wish there was mroe i could do. We have been putting Johnsons Baby Vapor in his bath and it helps a little but i really just wish this weather would warm up so all this sickness can leave us all.

Also i have a feeling Sione' is teething. Phabian and MJ both had there first tooth pop through around 4 to 5 months and i tell you what Sione' is drooling like a St. Bernard. He drools all over you, himself, and God's green earth. It is rediculous. And that might also be the cause of some of his waking at night.

Anyways i think i have rambled on enough. How i have missed just sitting down to write a post. Blabbing on like no body's business. If you made it this far you are great cause i probably would have given up about 3 paragraphs back lol.


Mom24 said...

It was great to hear an update. I'm glad all's relatively well. Hope Sione feels better soon and stops teething. :)

Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful present. Much deserved, I'm sure.

Your words are so poignant and true and wise. You make me think.

Take care.

casual friday every day said...

I need to clean through my reader and pick the blogs that I really can't live without and lose the rest. Life gets so busy, then adding blogging and reading in... it's almost too much!


Laura McIntyre said...

I love posts like this , nice insight into life as you live it :)

It is great to just purge your reader sometimes , im going through all my blogs just now and removing some . Feels great.

Oh my girls both freak if i call them little or a baby . Sometimes Eilidh will be ok and say she is big but also a little little but to Rebecca it is never acceptable . 5 seems so grown up :(